25 December 2008

With Apologies to Joe the Plumber

Overheard at my house Christmas morning:

Dad:  By the time I got home from Midnight Mass, Santa had already been here.

4-year old daughter, with wonderment:  Really!?

Dad:  Well, it was either him or Obama.

11-year old son:  Yeah, he was spreading the wealth around.


Kestrel said...

Shame on you!!! You spent your time on Christmas Day pounding out more trash in the form of this post! We have just spent 30 years concentrating American "wealth" in the hands of fewer and fewer people and have created mega wealthy at a huge national price. Then the very party that perpetrated this thievery has stolen from us again to save the theiving banker class! So you now you have to take a pot shot at Obama for what undoubtedly be an enormous "works" project to stimulate our raped economy!!!! Go back to church and pray that it works and that millions of people go back to work and the theives are brought to justice!You probably don't have the guts to post this!

Anonymous said...

What did of dad would bring Obama into Christmas celebrations?

Just kidding.

thetimman said...

Dear Puma,

I find it amusing, at the least, to observe that so many people are more eager to defend Obama's honor than Christ's, or that of His Church.

We all have our heroes.

Kestrel said...

You use the Church to defend you own weakness!It is laughable that you would attempt to use it to defend your economic views. I won't agree with everything Obama does but you are among the many who have been blind to the hipocracy of the right! Which has used the Life issue to permit them to steal from the vast majority of Americans, while never delivering on their pro life rhetoric!

Anonymous said...

Dear Puma,
At least your not overly sensitive. I'm sure that over the past eight years you have reacted with the same passion and fervor when you heard or read similar trash being spread about the airwaves against members of the current administration.

I'm comforted by this.

Mark S.
New Haven

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pre-work laugh Timman.

/Merry Christmas to everyone.

Anonymous said...


You have guts!

Anonymous said...


Puma's post reminded me the encyclical by Pope Benedict XVI (the current pope, formerly known as Cardinal Ratzinger) called "God Is Love."

In that he talks about the different between the Christian's duty to engage in charitable works and giving, and also the Christians's duty to support laws that create greater economic justice.

Catholics in the "Liberation Theology" camp tend to suggest that charity is a racket and a fraud to keep the rich getting richer at the expense of the poor.

Catholics in certain Right Wing camps tend to suggest that all efforts at creating greater economic justice are the equivalent of the evil Communism that wreaked terrible havoc in the old Soviet Union and in China.

I understood Pope Benedict to be saying that Catholics have a duty to do both charity and economic justice work, but that the two activities must be kept separate, and that great wisdom must be applied in doing either one.

My personal feeling is that some Left Wingers are full of rage, envy, hatred and laziness, and that some Right Wingers are full of greed, hatred, envy and laziness (some rich people never actually do any strenuous work).

Both "wings" try to dress up their vices to look like holiness and zeal for what God wants. Sin: It's monstrous thing!

I think a truly holy person advocates that both the rich and poor work hard, and that both be genereous and share when appropriate, and that laws be set up to deter monopolies, corruption, and financial scams, and that able adults who won't work should not eat, and that even the worst jobs should pay enough to live on.

Our greatest American president (my opinion), Theodore Roosevelt, preached this message all the time.

There's my two cents worth.


Anonymous said...

Puma has problems: his blinding Bush hatred and a missing history gene.
A recent University of California (a bastion of liberalism in case he/she didn't notice) study has concluded that FDR's massive public works projects and policies actually lengthened the Great Depression by 7 years.

Anonymous said...


Timman was being humorous. I suppose you, like most liberals have little sense of humor. It is laughable how the media and liberals "worship" Obama so and he isn't even in office yet!

The conclusion that I have of the mass hysteria if anyone even quotes Obama's own words is that they know deep down he is nothing more than an empty shell on the inside packaged to look and talk nicely.

Alison said...

You have a witty and astute son. I loved it.

thetimman said...

Thanks, Alison. Sometimes his attempt at wit gets him in hot water, just like his dad.

Anonymous said...

I think you should start your own blog....you've hit the nail on the head!