20 January 2009

Alan Keyes Speaks His Mind

Thanks to Peggy at Southern Illinois Catholic for spotting this.  If Keyes is right, and I don't know if he is thanks to the Great One's duck-and-cover strategy, then things are worse than anyone imagines.  I know this story has been out there, but this article states it very, very well.

Obama, oaths and the end of constitutional government

Posted: January 20, 2009
1:00 am Eastern

By Alan Keyes and John Haskins 
© 2009 

Now steps onto the stage of world history a man apparently quite conscious that the Supreme Law of the United States prevents him from being president of the United States.

For why else would anyone hire lawyers and expend millions of dollars to avoid producing a $12.50 birth certificate to show eligibility under the Constitution? 'Midst the rhythmic chants of a delirious, sycophantic media, inaugural splendor will substitute for simple proof that the United States of America will have a constitutionally legitimate president.

If Obama is not eligible, legally, the United States of America will have no president. A usurper will wield such power as few men have ever held, having no constitutional warrant. However beloved of the media or adored by racialist groupies, and irrespective of public support, Obama will be a tyrant, in the original sense of the word (from the Greek tyrannos meaning one who wields power to which he has no lawful claim). As he sends young soldiers to die, even the appearance of his usurpation of presidential powers will insult their sacrifice and thwart the Constitution they give their all to preserve. Even as he utters the oath – hand on Lincoln's Bible – he will betray it, notupholding, protecting and defending the Constitution, but subverting it.

The elites insist that we should pretend to be convinced by an exhibition of a "certificate of live birth" via the Internet, lacking the very information the Constitution requires. On the strength of this we are to exercise blind faith and risk the consequences of an unconstitutional usurpation of the presidency?

"Put not your faith in men, but bind them down with the chains of the constitution," Jefferson warned us. Caesar rose to power on the passions of men, and killed a republic. Napoleon did the same. So did Hitler, with strong support from the secularized, university-educated elite. But the elites approve as Obama whistles past the Constitution, just as they did when Mitt Romney flushed away the Constitution he'd sworn to uphold. They regard the Supreme Law of the United States as a dead letter, "living and breathing" of course, which is their code for dead and buried.

Like the sophisticated, educated elites in Weimar, Germany, they long to live under what they presume will be a benevolent dictatorship. This one will be different, they are quite sure: soft, touchy-feely, agreeably in tune with the restless, ever-mutating consensus of the chattering class. Thus was it in human history, until the Declaration birthed our state and federal constitutions, now just archaic platitudes, to shape naïve youths in American History classes as docile subjects of bureaucratic tyranny.



Anonymous said...

This is only Day One; it is not off to a very good start, is it?

I'd ask Our Lord to have mercy on us but we deserve everything that's coming down the pike. It's long overdue.


MP said...

Keyes does seem convincing. Maybe the Supreme Court was waiting to take the case until after he was inaugurated so Biden would automatically be President. If this is true, he does have nerve.

TGL said...

Alan Keyes is one of those guys who some people think is smart because he uses big words. In fact, he's delusional. I mean, read what he says in that post. It's so divorced from reality that it leaves you scratching your head. If you want to believe what he says, go ahead, but the world will pass you by.

thetimman said...

Alan Keyes may be eccentric at times, but there is no denying he is a brilliant man. He cleaned the Great One's clock in the Illinois Senate Debates, from the classical debating angle. Of course, he doesn't pander, so it loses him the adulation of the masses.

Anonymous said...

LOL, Hitler was absolutely loathed by the sophisticated, educated elites of Weimar, Germany. They saw him as a vulgar, uneducated common foot soldier with Austrian peasant values. For Keyes to have made such a preposturous statement makes me question his knowledge and possibly his sanity.

Anonymous said...

Dear TGL,
You've got it figured out. You and your people know all of the answers. Answers without facts is what you do best, no? How boring it must be for you to read the rantings of a bunch of self-centered, ignorant buffoons.

Your friends must be so impressed with you for exposing us. Who are you going to set straight when you're done with us?

Mark S.
New Haven, MO

TGL said...

Mark S., take it easy. I'm talking about Alan Keyes. There are principled arguments to be made against the ideas of President Obama, just like there were principled arguments to be made against the ideas of President Bush. What I'm saying is that those principled arguments do not come from people like Alan Keyes.

CP said...

TGL and her ilk remind me of a group that yelled, "GIVE US BARABBAS!"

May God have mercy on us all...

Anonymous said...

Let the world pass me by!

I'm on my way (please God) to Heaven!


StGuyFawkes said...

Not criticizing, just speculating when I say that what we have here, formally, is a secular version of "sedevacantism".

Now, the next step is to just wait for someone to opine.....

"If there is no legitimate executive branch then ....how can there be a legitimate executive cabinet? And if there is no legitimate executive cabinet then is the Department of the Treasury legitimate? And if the Department of the Treasury is not legitimate then on April 15th....can the IRS really ask us for our Form 1040s?"

It's only a matter of time before someone, seriously, promotes this syllogism.

I'd say we'll here this argument more as April 15th approaches.

Peggy said...

Thanks for the credit, but AMDG on your side of the river had it first.

thetimman said...

thanks, and noted. AMDG is on the link list at right.

Susannah said...

Thanks for posting what Keyes write. Good blog!

Ted said...

Take the test.

FIRST QUESTION: Who IS the actual and lawful 44th President of the USA?

ANSWER: Joe Biden

Biden was initially the Acting President for at least 5 minutes under either the Constitution’s Article 2 or the Constitution’s 20th Amendment, from 12:00 Noon 1/20/09, having already taken his Oath of Office and before Obama completed his ‘oath’ at approximately 12:05 PM, 1/20/09. Under the 20th Amendment if the President-elect shall have failed to qualify, or alternatively under Article 2 if the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties, at the time fixed for the beginning of the term, being 12:00 Noon 1/20/09, which ability and/or qualification includes that he take the Article 2 oath “before he enter on the execution of his office,” then either the Presidency shall devolve on the Vice President under Article 2 or the Vice President shall act as President under the 20th Amendment. (The importance of the oath in ‘commencing’ an ‘Obama Presidency’ — rather than merely the 1/20/09 Noon time — is confirmed by the re-take of the ‘oath’ by Obama at the White House on 1/21/09 after the first ‘oath’ was NOT administered by Justice Roberts NOR recited by Obama in the words as required under Article 2.)

This is significant because at such time that the Supreme Court finally rules on the merits on Obama’s disqualification as not being an Article 2 “natural born citizen” (clearly he is NOT), Biden’s automatic status (without needing to take a separate Presidential Oath) of being President would be predicated upon four different bases: First, having been Vice President under Article 2; second, having been Vice President-elect under the 20th Amendment; third, having been actual President in the hiatus before Obama took the ‘oath(s)’; and fourth, retroactively deemed President during the full period of the Obama usurpation so that the acts of the Federal Government under the usurpation can be deemed authorized and/or ratified by Biden’s legitimacy.

SECOND QUESTION: Who will be the 45th President?

ANSWER: Hillary Clinton

One must assume that Bill and Hillary Clinton have been aware of all of the above. Biden’s wife recently “let the cat out of the bag” on the Oprah Show that both Biden and Hillary had considered alternatively Veep or Secretary of State, in either case, setting up Hillary to be President on a vote of the Democratic Congress if need be.

THIRD QUESTION: Is Obama an unwitting victim of this troika or a knowing participant?

ANSWER: Yet undetermined.