05 January 2009

Attack on the Pope at Midnight Mass

As the wise men on my mantle continue their inexorable journey across to the creche, now just inches away, I found this so-far largely uncovered story here, via the Remnant site.

My first reaction, oddly enough, was that the Pope's security team is better prepared than the secret service was during the infamous shoe-throwing incident.

Secondly, I think this is just the beginning of more outrages courtesy of our sodomite "marriage" friends. It doesn't do wonders for your eternal well-being to attack the person of the Vicar of Christ.


TGL said...


What makes you think that the attacker was gay? Maybe it was someone that was angry that the pre-Vatican II rite wasn't more available.

thetimman said...


I didn't say she was.

The story that I linked states as follows:

"Anna Arco carries the story of a woman who is a Italian residing in Switzerland where she is in psychiatric care. The woman was apparently motivated by the reports in which the Pope’s Christmas message had been interpreted as a direct attack on homosexuals and transsexuals. She is now in police custody. It is unclear whether she will be returned to Switzerland."

The reference in the final paragraph of my post was to those who support the oxymoron of "same-sex" "marriage".

Latinmassgirl said...

That is scary! That is how the pro-same sex "marriage" people handle others who disagree with them. My brother who lives in California spoke of the violence perpetrated against any person or organization that voted for Amend, 8, to make marriage between man & woman only.

TGL, There really are people who want to commit evil acts. There is a heaven and a hell. Moral relativism is just a fad.

Christopher said...

Timman -
TGL has been spreading dissent over here too?!