27 January 2009

Statement of SSPX General Superior Bishop Fellay Regarding the Bishop Williamson Interview

This English translation of this statement of Bishop Fellay comes from the Remnant:

We attained knowledge of an interview that Bishop Richard Williamson, a member of our society, gave to Swedish television. In this interview, he expresses himself on questions of history, especially to the murder of Jews by the Nazis. It is obvious that a bishop can speak only on questions of Faith and Morals with religious authority. Our society claims no authority at all over historic or other secular questions.

The mission of the priestly society is the distribution and restoration of authentic Catholic teaching and how it is laid down in dogmas. For that we are well known worldwide, accepted and appreciated.

We see with great concern how the infringement of this order adds heavy damage by a member of our religious fraternity. We apologize to the Holy Father and all persons of good will for the annoyance evoked through it.

At the same time we must be clear that these remarks in no manner represent the views of our fraternity. Therefore I prohibit Bishop Williamson until further notice from speaking in public on political or historic questions.

The proposed accusations against our fraternity serve obviously to discredit our mission. We will not allow that, but rather continue to announce the Catholic teaching and to administer the sacraments in their venerable form.

Menzingen, the 27th of January 2009

+Bishop Bernard Fellay
General Superior


StGuyFawkes said...

This tap dance may help the cause of unity but it won't get the SSPX out of Manichean formulations like this.

"Judaism is inimical to all nations in general, and in a special manner to Christian nations."

or this...

"Ever since Christ was lifted up on Mount Calvary, the world has been subjected to two truly opposite forces: the Jewish force and the Christian."

You can find this on SSPX website:


It's going to be a long long slog before these boys come in from the cold.

Dust I Am said...

I was heartened to see Bishop Fellay distance himself from the comments of Bishop Williamson (who seems to prefer to distance himself from Rome whenever he can).

Will Bishop Williamson accept and abide by Bishop Fellay's prohibition of further comments on political or historical issues? Such as Williamson's view that 9/11 was an "inside job"? I wonder...

Anonymous said...

On "silencing" Bishop Williamson....hmmm...my thoughts? WOOOHOOO!!!! I've been waiting for this since he was but a priest and I was a wee youngin' at SMA boarding school in 1981!!! Time to PARTEEE!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Holocaust denial is terrible, disgusting, and dangerous. But it is not heresy.

The really amazing thing about the remission of the SSPX excommunications has NOT been mentioned in any newspaper or blog that I have seen.

The remission of the SSPX excommunications means that ANY Catholic can reject ANY of the new teachings of the Vatican II Council or of the Vatican II Renewal Era (1962 to present) without being deemed a heretic.

We know this because the SSPX bishops and priests continue to believe and teach that some of the new teachings of the Vatican II Council and of the popes since 1962 are heresy and must be rejected, and are rejected by them.

So, for example, if any Catholic thinks the new Vatican II doctrines pertaining ecumemism are heresies because they contradict the teachings of the papal encyclical "Mortalium Animos," he is free to believe that, and perhaps is even free to teach that to his children and neighbors, without risk being regarded as a heretic.

A bishop might tell him he is wrong, and probably will.

But he can't be excommunicated on the ground that he is a heretic.

This, my friends, is a real shocker. This really is a new development.

By the way, the SSPX bishops and priests are not the only Catholic clerics who say that "heresy is widespread in the Caholic Church."

Father Brian Harrison on the St. Lousi Archdiocese said exactly that at conference on Biblical errancy held in St. Louis last summer. Father John McCarthy, also of this diocese, was present and agreed with Fr. Harrison. They weren't mincing words. They meant actual heresy.


Anonymous said...

Ladies: Please remove your veils for a moment of silence in honor of this grand occasion!

TGL said...

Javier-- Your post just proves that there are cafeteria Catholics in both the "traditional" wing of the Catholic Church and the other 99% of us.

Anonymous said...


Now, thanks to Pope Benedict XVI's recent action, we can say beyond dispute that the SSPX priests and bishops and mass attenders are within the one, unchanging Catholic Church.

Those same SSPX'ers have been saying for years that the Catholic Cafeteria run by the post-Vatican II popes and bishops has been serving up, along with the nutritious and wholesome food, some rotten food.

As such, they have refused to eat part of what has been put on their plates by these popes and bishops.

Now Pope Benedict has said, in essence, that they don't have to eat everything put on their plate.

I believe there is profound theological consequences to this, which the liberal wings of the Church well realize, and this is why they are so opposed to Pope Benedict XVI's actions related to traditional Catholics and the traditional Mass (lately renamed the "Extraordinary Rite" and the "Classical Roman Rite").

I predict that this welcoming back of the SSPX'ers will result in some significant number Catholic priests and bishops leaving the ministry and maybe the Catholic Church entirely.

They have been operating for years on the believe that the pre-Vatican II Church was dead and gone. Now, to them, it is returning, like a monster from the grave.

Look for Fr. Richard P. McBrien to be leaving the Catholic Church soon. He wrote an article several years ago in which he stated that if the Church went back too far to the conservative past, he would leave it.

Another clear effect of Pope Benedict's actions is that more Catholics will feel unafraid to read the books and magazines published the the SSPX and its affiliates, to see exactly what new doctrines they are objecting to, and why. The consequences of this study by Catholics may be far reaching and profound in the near future.

But, in another sense, all this changes and means nothing. Ordinary Catholics must just get on with their fight and struggle against sin and the Devil in this life so as to arrive, at the end, in the paradise of Heaven.

Thank you and best wishes,


Latinmassgirl said...


Are you reading more into this SSPX reinstitution into the church than there is? The pope hasn't given the Novus Ordo mass the boot - yet. So, do you really think this is enough to drive liberal Bishops to leave the church?

If they feel the need to go, I would be kind enough to donate some luggage.

Anonymous said...

"Holocaust denial is terrible, disgusting, and dangerous."
This is what passes for an open mind in America today. Quid est veritas?