08 January 2009

Board of Advisors Named to Assist in Restoration of St. Francis de Sales Oratory

From the blog at Tradition for Tomorrow.com comes the announcement of the formation of a Board of Advisors to assist the non-profit corporation, Friends of St. Francis de Sales, Inc., with the ongoing restoration effort of the Oratory.

Included in this Board as honorary members are St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay and Chief Administrative Officer of the Archdiocesan Curia Dr. David Mueckl-- highlighting the importance of this project to the Archdiocese and the city at large.

For information on the restoration, or to donate to this worthy cause, click here.


Ken said...

Mayor Slay is probably one of the better mayors the city has had in a while, but does he not tend to support the Democratic Party status quo and chosen candidates, even ones who are not exactly pro-life?

thetimman said...

He is pro-life; I of course am not a fan of the party, but who's perfect?

The abortion issue is not typically a locally decided one-- the issue is on the table more for statewide and national politicians.

Anonymous said...

Indeed this is wonderfuul to hear!

I pray the people who attend St. Francis de Sales Oratory understand just how great they have it- having the Institute of Christ the King.

I try to get down to the Oratory more these days myself for Confessions/Mass.

Not only is the Mass beautiful to behold, these priests are "fathers" in the confessionals.(I assume thats why the lines are so long.)

Truth, Beauty, Holy, Catholic, Mystery, Sacred, Best Music/Choir(in the area)- thats St. Francis de Sales Oratory...

Lets all get involved in this raising of funds to restore this Heart of our Archdiocese.