27 January 2009

Demographic Winter: "Schools will be turned into nursing homes. Playgrounds will become graveyards."

In light of my recent post on the contraception regime, I though I would run this great post I saw today at Patrick Madrid's blog:

Global aging, combined with plummeting birth rates, is a catastrophically dangerous menace that a only a few people seem to be waking up to. You may not be familiar with terms like “global aging” and “demographic winter,” but you will be soon.

I've been giving public lectures on the problem of global aging for the past 7 years or so, and my audiences are always shocked and dumbfounded as I explain how the West's ever expanding population of old people (due, thank God, to the ever-improving capabilities of bio-medical science), while a good thing in itself, will soon become a prime target for the forced-euthanasia crowd as the decline in birth rates among women of child-bearing age throughout the West (as well as major non-Western countries like Japan and Russia) forces an ever-shrinking number of younger, working citizens to shoulder the economic burden of paying for the retirement benefits consumed by the ever-expanding population of retired, old folks.

This is a lethal combination that will, I am certain, begin playing itself out with horrifying consequences in the next 10, 15, 20 years. Perhaps sooner. It's hard to predict. What I do know for sure, though, is that the West has marinating for decades now in the bloody serum of legal abortion, and it breathes the toxic atmosphere of ubiquitous pornography and contraception. What would have been unthinkable to Americans a mere 50 years ago (gay marriage, a billion-dollar abortion industry, the rise of euthanasia, etc.) has become commonplace andincreasingly unremarkable in this generation.

Where are we headed?

I've been saying for years now what is being reported yet again in this article. What is now known as the “right to die movement” is steadily morphing into what will soon become the “oblicagtion to die movement.”

The politics of “young versus old” is rising, slowly but surely, and we will live to see its pernicious effects. Soon enough we will begin to see how the demographic winter results in an intergenerational struggle. The younger people, who have lived their entire lives learning from the media and our culture as a whole that other people are only useful or valuable insofar as they do one or more of a few things: give sexual pleasure, provide entertainment, make money, or produce some kind of product or service.

30+ years of legalized abortion has hardened millions of younger Americans into seeing unborn children as “parasites” who should be eliminated because they are inconvenient and unwanted. 50 years of the mainstreaming of pornography (thanks, Heff!) have educated a wide swath of Americans to look at others as objects for pleasure. And the aggressive cult of scientism has successfully swayed many people to look at unpleasant realities such as aging, pain, and lonliness as intolerable conditions that must be eliminated at all costs.

So, barring some miracle, I believe that the next step in the evolution of the West's enmeshment in the culture of death — forced euthansia, cloning human beings for body parts, etc. — will begin to take shape when enough people who have no belief in God and no regard for the value of human life begin to realize what “demographic winter” means for them financially.

With that in mind, please consider the chilling points made in this LifeSite article.


Anonymous said...


The vast majority of married Catholics in the U.S. use artificial contraception and limit their number of children far beyond what is licit under Catholic teaching.

This is the choice of those lay Catholics.

Yet, popes, bishops and priests in the Vatican II Era have, in essence, practiced a "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy regarding the Catholic teaching on sex, marriage, contraception, and child bearing.

They've seen the popularity of the world's way among Catholic lay persons. So they've gone quiet on the whole topic, for the most part.

Shame on them.


Anonymous said...

As a young Catholic from St Louis, I don't think that contraception and abortion are the problem, because the problem isn't as clear as that. It's more of a fundamental problem, one that's buried deep within the American consciousness. And while I don't believe this will be a popular opinion, I'm going to say it anyway--I can't help but blame women majorly for this problem.

For years and years and countless generations, young women learned from other women and from their mothers how to remain domestic and ensure the safety of future generations by filling the role of the stay-at-home mom. Since the advent of Western feminism, women have more and more lately forgotten their obligation to safeguarding our future by getting married later in life, and limiting the size of their families due to unnatural economic standards that pit women in pointless competitions against other women. Women with large families are a thing of the past, because it doesn't fit the new Western ideal of the small and spoiled nuclear family, who spend the same amount of money on just one child as we used to spend on five or six. It's a poor state of affairs where we're losing a lot of things we used to hold dear, that used to be tied into the domestic aspects of the American dream. The phrase "as American as apple pie" holds almost no meaning anymore, since I can't name ONE of my female peers who has any idea how to even bake a pie from scratch. Why not? Why didn't their mothers teach them how to do those things like cooking, cleaning, sewing, or simply remaining humble enough to find a nice man to marry? Now we men have to shuffle through the sludge of going out to loud bars where the women parade themselves around in skimpy dresses in order to incur the jealousy of other women, and not to attract a mate, as would be the natural desire for a fertile member of our society.

I can go on, but I'll stop here, because I'm sure that many many people are going to find this offensive... but I argue with anyone to prove me wrong. Women need to have a little more pride in themselves, and maybe they won't all grow up and grow old and become a drain on our children's future, as the past few generations have chosen to do since WWII. Career women need to realize that while the standards for them have changed, I don't see the standards for men changing at all. Women nowadays are expected to go to work, get rich quick, and buy their own houses in order to be considered "successful". So a single female homeowner, aged 30, is considered to be highly successful, and yet a single male homeowner, aged 30, is still considered a lame duck who can't find a nice woman to settle down with? I don't understand this country anymore, and I'm sorry, but I don't understand this country's women anymore, either.