25 January 2009

How Dare They Criticize the Chosen One?

Vatican official accuses Obama of 'arrogance'

A senior Vatican official on Saturday attacked US President Barack Obama for "arrogance" for overturning a ban on state funding for family-planning groups that carry out or facilitate abortions overseas.

It is "the arrogance of someone who believes they are right, in signing a decree which will open the door to abortion and thus to the destruction of human life," Archbishop Rino Fisichella was quoted as saying by the Corriere della Sera daily.

Fisichella is president of the Pontifical Academy for Life, one of a number of so-called pontifical academies which are formed by or under the direction of the Holy See.

"What is important is to know how to listen... without locking oneself into ideological visions with the arrogance of a person who, having the power, thinks they can decide on life and death," he added.

Obama signed the executive order cancelling the eight-year-old restrictions on Friday, the third full day of his presidency.

The so-called "global gag rule" cut off US funding to overseas family planning clinics which provide any abortion services whatsoever, from the operation itself to counselling, referrals or post-abortion services.

"If this is one of the first acts of President Obama, with all due respect, it seems to me that the path towards disappointment will have been very short," Fisichella said.

"I do not believe that those who voted for him took into consideration ethical themes, which were astutely left aside during the election debate. The majority of the American population does not take the same position as the president and his team," he added.



Mark Scott Abeln said...

Ah, you show the original front cover illustration to the book 'Leviathan', which describes the massive, totalitarian, bureaucratic State. One of the principles of that book is that the State also claims religious authority.

thetimman said...

Very astute, Mr. Abeln.

Latinmassgirl said...

Now all of the naive Catholics who voted for Obama will see that ignorance is NOT bliss.

With a stroke of Obam's pen, he is signing the death sentence of thousands of unborn children.

Sobering. . .

Anonymous said...

Blog readers may be interested in this brief press release which the Obama administration issued on the heels of this executive act.


MP said...

Anon Jan. 25,

Thank you for the link to Obama's press release. Everybody should read it. What an oxymoron when Obama's statement reads his goal for supporting family planning that provide abortions is to "reduce maternal and infant mortality rates!"

And people say he is intelligent?

CP said...

Obama also calls international family planning assistance a "stale and fruitless debate." Do you think the play on words was intentional? I doubt it...

MP is right. Everyone should read the press release.