26 January 2009

It's Some Crazy World We Live in...

...when all of the following headline stories relevant to life issues appear on one day:

Pelosi says birth control will help economy

Japanese workers urged: go home and multiply

Bad economy spurs egg and sperm sales

Obama Stimulus Plan to Pour Millions of Taxpayer Funds into Contraception, Abortion

Christian Europe dies, contracepted to death and overrun by non-Christian immigrant populations. Governments from France to Russia pay citizens to have babies. Yet the contraception regime continues to reign unchallenged.

Japan, another industrialized nation, sees its population decline and urges its citizens to have babies. Yet the contraception regime continues to reign unchallenged.

The U.S. has a stable birth rate, and the vast majority of its immigrant population is Christian. Yet the current administration and congress want to promote abortions at home and abroad, fund coercive family size limitation policies, and fund the contraception regime that is destroying it, and all the other industrialized nations. The contraception regime continues to reign unchallenged.

Why? The official reasons are all scams: global warming is a fraud; the notion that key resources are scarce is a fraud; the notion that contraception and fewer children are better for the health of marriages is a fraud; the notion that women will be free from "male domination" by embracing sexual immorality is a fraud.

Lies. The official reasons are lies. And who is the father of lies?

So again, why is the contraception regime pushed on us?


Fenian said...

It is amazing to see, especially among Catholic families, how the number of children has diminished. In my father's day, families that numbered around 10 were not uncommon. Now it is a rarity, even among many Catholics.

It seems that many Catholic families no longer embrace the words of Genesis, but rather embrace the culture of today.

ordinary catholic said...

This is an excellent analysis of the contradictions surrounding this whole issue. Who benefits?

thetimman said...

Fenian, one of the beautiful things about traditional Mass communities is the great number of large families. It will catch on, literally, if the Mass is allowed to flourish.

Latinmassgirl said...


That is a brilliant analysis. It should be published if it is all your own, which I assume it is.

The "contraception regime" is a perfect description of how it is forced down the unsuspecting throats of people without any gag reflex.

cmziall said...

It's not JUST at the traditional Mass. We have a parish with MANY large families. . .two of which have 12 each. . . .

Latinmassgirl said...


I have never seen any other church with large families like SFdS, except in Ohio at Catholic Family Land (Apostolate for Family Consecration).

I think it is great that your church has many large families! It says a lot about the Catholics who go there. I wonder if it is because you live in an area that used to be more rural.

Friend of Cmziall said...

Cmziall -

"the lady doth protest too much, methinks."

cmziall said...

Hmmm, "Friend of Cmziall", please expound, with charity, of course ;)
Are you saying "I" protest too much since I don't attend SFdS regularly?