29 January 2009

More Sheep Coming Back to the Fold?

From Rorate Caeli comes further news that the Traditional Anglican Communion, some 400,000 members strong, may be reconciled to Rome by this Easter, with the group being formed as a personal prelature.  Only Opus Dei has this form now, although it is mentioned as a possible solution for the SSPX as well.

From the full story:

More Papal moves towards unity
A Personal Prelature for the Traditional Anglican Communion?

The Catholic Australian weekly The Record publishes this week this most relevant report: the Traditional Anglican Communion could be received as a Personal Prelature of the Catholic Church before the end of the year.

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Fenian said...

This will be interesting. Most of the TAC priests are married. In some circumstances, Lutheran or Anglican priests who are already married have converted to Catholicism and been allowed to become a Catholic priest. I wonder if a similar arrangement could be reached.

If the Anglican communion, especially the Episcopalians, continue headed in the same direction, we can expect many more Anglican converts in the coming years.