21 January 2009

New Ad

Cost of living in Kenya for a year............... $12.00

Book of poetry by Elizabeth Alexander ...........................................$11.20

Discounted copy of "The Audacity of Hope"... $16.50

Spending millions in legal fees to avoid producing a $12.50 copy of a birth certificate.............................priceless.

Change we can believe in.
Hope we win that lawsuit.


cmziall said...

I HATE those pictures/posters!

Peggy said...

Hey, are you joining your fellow STL Metro Catholic bloggers (me & AMDG that is) in suspecting Obie of non-citizenship (or having something else to hide)? Good we're not alone!

TGL said...

Peggy, do you have nothing better to do with your life than to fantasize about President Obama? I think you have a secret crush on the guy!

Anonymous said...

Dear TGL,
There you go again. You offer no substance, not one fact, not one shred of factual insight that would allow Peggy or anyone else to consider in opposition to the facts that are currently available to support Peggy's and countless others supposition about his citizenship.

Your retort is to make a snide comment that in fact insults the dignity and chastity of this woman whom you do not know.

Shame on you. You owe her an apology.

Mark S.
New Haven, MO

Anonymous said...

Check this story with President Gore...

Peggy said...

OMIGOSH. You found me out, TGL. Please don't tell my husband! I had better get to confession, quick. Thank you for the kind Christian counsel you have provided.

StGuyFawkes said...

Has no one noticed that the OBAMA HOPE poster owes its design to the posters made by the WPA which was formed out of the New Deal during the Depression.

It also clearly evokes a lot of the style of leftist posters during the Spanish Civil War.

The poster obviously has as its subliminal message the idea that Barack is the new FDR.

It also touches the hearts of his core constituency of hard lefties who remember and venerate such poster art.

A good review of this style can be found at


I'm making a small point but I think it's meaningful that someone has evoked the style of the fascist and communist Agitprop art of the 1930s in the selling of OBAMA.

Hardly anyone is alive who has a first hand memory of this art.

How the hell did this come to be?

Peggy said...

God bless you for your kind and chivalrous defense of my honor, Mark S!
In Christ,