28 January 2009

Prayer Request

If you could please remember my niece in prayer tomorrow, I would greatly appreciate it. She will be undergoing fairly delicate surgery for about 8 hours beginning at 7am.

Thank you!



My niece came through surgery and was even able to open her eyes for a few moments shortly after being placed in the ICU.  The doctors said all went well with her surgery and are hopeful that her stay in the ICU will be shorter than originally expected.

Thank you for all the prayers for her today.  I know that they helped both my niece and the medical staff who took care of her.  The recovery period for her surgery will last another 4-6 weeks and will include bed rest, so if you could continue to send prayers her way, she and the rest of my family would appreciate it!


Anonymous said...


Heavenly Father, in the name of your most beloved Son Jesus, protect this child so that she may bring glory to your Name. Hold her in your heart for every second of this operation. And inspire all those who love her to be grateful to YOU for her every day, without fail.


cmziall said...

Prayers headed her way! ! ! !

Anonymous said...

Prayers promised! What a feast day to have a surgery. . . may St. Francis de Sales guide the surgeon's hand and make for a quick and safe recovery.

Please update on how she does!

Miss M

Anonymous said...

She will be in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

I will offer prayers for your niece. God be with her and may He guide the hands of the surgeon.

A Pray-er

Elizabeth said...

Certainly - let us know how it comes out.

thetimman said...

Thanks, everybody.

Fr. Andrew said...

Done- though my Mass won't be until late tomorrow at the local University Chapel, I'll also remember her then. Charity knows no distance and no time.

At least I hope it doesn't.

Latinmassgirl said...

My heart goes out to her. We will remember her in our prayers.

Ileana said...

Keeping her in my prayers.

thetimman said...

Thank you all.

Anonymous said...

How is she?

Mark S.
New Haven, MO

cmziall said...

Great news! Hoping (and praying) for a healthy, speedy recovery!