13 January 2009

Rhymes With: The Sequel

SNAP is at it again. No story about the clergy or hierarchy of the Church can be published in the local press without the opportunists at SNAP having their oh-so-predictable quote. I wrote about this most recently when they took the trouble to try to drag Archbishop Burke's name through the mud. In that piece I list some of my concerns.

So, of course, SNAP gets its interview about the appointment of Bishop-elect Stika to Knoxville:

In a statement, SNAP Outreach Director Barbara Dorris said, "There is perhaps no priest in the Archdiocese less qualified to be a bishop than Richard Stika. In his dealings with child sex abuse and child cover-up cases, here, he has repeatedly shown a penchant for secrecy, recklessness, and half-truths."

This quote is backed up with all of the substantiating and corroborating evidence you expect from SNAP. Really, the LEAST qualified priest? Things must be very good indeed in the Archdiocese then. Thanks for the input, lady.

Do local reporters owe SNAP money? Is J-Lo or Jessica Simpson working for them, that they merit the face time they get? Why, every time a Bishop takes his dog for a walk, do we have to hear from these people?

Enough already. Pleeeeease!

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