12 January 2009

As Usual, Saint Louis Catholic Gets to the Heart of the Matter

The Washington Times and other outlets such as Drudge Report have reported that Mr. Obama's chosen "Climate Czar" was actually a member of a leading international socialist organization, whose own site states its support of "global governance," shrinking the size of "rich" countries' economies, and "punitive limits on greenhouse gas emissions."

Blog coverage at Gateway Pundit here and St. Louis Conservative here.

Now, some have serious objections to this nomination, such as the following:
  • why, in a democracy, have we a need of any kind of "czar"?
  • why do we want an anti-American socialist running a cabinet-level office?

Decent questions, perhaps, but these do not begin to touch the most serious objection to this new government position:

Why does Obama use the cheesy C-Z-A-R spelling?

Everyone knows it should be spelled T-S-A-R.

Heck, though they won't pick a side, even NPR recognizes the issue.

In fact, I insist that all right-thinking Americans get together for a Constitutional Convention to resolve this matter once and for all-- in Petrogra-- er, Leningr--, I mean, St. Petersburg.


TGL said...

C'mon Tim-- an anti-American socialist? You're better than that. The Washington Times doesn't call her a socialist, so don't go stirring up the rabble. That would be, shall we say, socialist!

Latinmassgirl said...

I think that was good reporting on the Washington times and the Drudge Report. It is nice to know that there still are some true reporters out there.

TGL, The Washington Times didn't have to call Ms. Browner a Socialist. I'm sure they assumed most people could figure it out themselves by her connections to a socialist group that advocates big time socialism.

Anonymous said...

I think the bigger problem is the incredibly large number of Israelis with dual-citizenship that are in our government; or in 'think tanks' that our government never seems to be able to ignore. If there is to be 'change', Obama will have to change *this* to have a government that looks after America once again.

Many highly-sensitive government positions (CIA, FBI, Pentagon, cabinet, etc.) are in the hands of people whom A) we know very little about; B) clearly have loyalties that have little to do with America's best interests; and C) appear to be radical zionists who seek to serve Israel rather than the United States of America.

This has been going on for a long time.