25 January 2009

The Shepherd Pope

A reader of this blog drew this sketch to convey her feelings about the pastoral care of our beloved Holy Father.

Dominus conservet eum!


Latinmassgirl said...



ordinary catholic said...

The Pope is a shepherd. A shepherd's job is to bring the sheep home.

Thank you, Holy Father, for placing pastoral care above concerns about public opinion.

Anonymous said...


Yes, bishops are shepherds, but it is still jarring to see this drawing. Usually one sees drawing of Jesus as the Good Shepherd.

In the last 40 years or so, Catholics have become much more pope-centric than they ever were before in the entire history of the Church.

Rarely do you hear Catholics talking about Jesus or Father God or the Holy Spirit.

But very often do you hear them talking about the pope. This seems really misguided and unhealthy. I am even sure Benedict XVI does not approve of this pope-centricity.

The pope is not our Lord and Savior. The pope is not a member of the Holy Trinity. Every pope is a sinful human being, just like all of us.


thetimman said...

Javier, the Pope is Christ's vicar, and is thus the "Vicar of the Good Shepherd", too. As such is stands for the Good Shepherd. Remember that Christ specifically told Peter to feed his sheep.

As an ambassador receives from the country where he is stationed the respect due to the head of state he represents, so too the Pope.

In other words, don't get hung up on the metaphor; no one thinks the Pope is God.

I think one reason so many Catholics are "Pope-centric" is because the performance of many Bishops has not been ideal in the last few decades, and God meant for us to have shepherds. Thus, the Bishop of Rome is always that guarantor of Truth and Unity.