26 February 2009

There Goez da Airoplane!

Bowing to the mob, I heretofore cannot advocate going to LOL Saints.


Assume your own risk.


Fidelis said...

LOL Saints is not funny at all and is rather juvenile at best. The posts are what many of us might consider profane. Making fun of sacred icons and religious imagery is simply not cool and as Traditional Catholics, we ought not to promote this type of behavior. It seems to me that we need to be able to step back and laugh at ourselves and have a sense of humor about what we do as Catholics, but this stuff in no way falls into that category. For shame!

Anonymous said...

Oops, that last post was from Mr. Tradderson!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I'm humorless, but am I the only one to find these captions disrespectful, bordering on sacreligious? The icon with caption "here comz da airoplane!" is an icon of Saint Mary of Egypt, a reformed prostitute and, after her conversion, an hermitess in the desert of the Holy Land, receiving Holy Communion from a monk who would visit her once per year. She is especially commemorated on the Fifth Sunday of Lent in the Byzantine Rite.

thetimman said...

I am interested in what other readers think about this. Maybe I'm puerile. It wouldn't be the first time I've been so accused.

To me, most of the images are very funny, and are not mocking the saints. Far from it. It is a comment on the artwork itself and not the underlying saint. Have you ever had a family photo where you looked a little weird, and your loving family members gave you some grief about it? The saints are our family, too.

Stated differently, take a look at the one where satan is lurking about Christ and Mary is wielding a club in the air-- I can't remember the exact caption but something like "now u iz get beat". Am I the only one who thinks that is hilarious?

These images do not make fun of the faith or the saints, just goofy pictures. At least that is how I see it.

But, if there is a groundswell against it, I'll chalk it up to me not being quite right, and will pull it and adjust my thinking.

thetimman said...

I forgot one thing. Each picture has a link to an exposition about the life and merits of the saint pictured, too.

YoungCatholicSTL said...

Several thoughts:

1. Without considering anything else, I just find the blog/captions annoying. I don't go there, and am irritated everytime I see the blog's latest headline on your list of blogs in the scroll bar.

2. As to whether or not this site is scandalous to the faith (ok, maybe that's a little extreme), I ask people to consider one question: If this was someone at St. Stan's/Cronan's running the blog, rather than a good conservative (seminarian?) would you be offended? If you can honestly answer no, then you should not be offended by this.

3. Personally, I am not offended (but see 1 above). While annoying, I don't think the blog is offensive. Sometimes I think we'd all be better off with a little more humor in our lives, and sometimes it is important to laugh at ourselves. When people start taking themselves to seriously, they get unhappy and purposefully disrespected by others. Plus, the blog does provide background information on the saints it is posting about.

Anonymous said...

Timman, I agree, I think the images are funny and in no way disrespectful. Sorry to see that some can't separate the image itself from the saint. It's also nice to see that there's some background information on the particular saint, for those who want to learn more in a serious manner!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more wholeheartedly with Mr. Tradderson and the anonymous comment above. Such icons and pictures of God, His Blessed Mother and the saints should never be objects for hilarity. "Yes my nails are painted" on the image of Our Lady being betrothed to St. Joseph is a disrespectful attitude that sickens me as does St. John of the Cross picking his nose, only to name a few.

If we are supposed to be laughing at the art and not the saints, Timman, then why does the blog have the title, Laugh-Out-Loud SAINTS?

Our Lord and the saints deserve out utmost respect and love and should be honored above anything or anyone on this earth. By making their images objects of distasteful hilarity, we are not only dishonoring them, but are insulting the work of artists who made such beautiful images to give greater honor and glory to God and to bring souls closer to Him. Some of these works of art were inspired by God Himself through the artist. Would we insult His gifts to us through the talent of artists?

To your groundswelling comment: is that what this blog is about? If a "majority" shows up on the scene, then you'll consider otherwise? Did we lose sight of the truths and honor of Our Faith for the sake of lack of groundswell?

Please allow me to close with this thought from St. John Bosco - which is nothing to laugh about. "No matter how good food is, if poison is mixed with it, it may cause the death of him who eats it. So it is with conversations. A single bad word, an evil actions, an unbecoming joke, is often enough to harm one or more young listeners, and my later on cause them to lose God's grace."

Miss Mary

Anonymous said...

Icons are special paintings which bring us closer to Christ, his Most Holy Mother and the saints. They have been called windows onto heaven, and to pray with icons is to journey through this window - into heaven.
I'm waiting to see the humor...

Icons are not photographs; they are paintings that invite us to meet Christ through events that really happened and people who really lived. At the same time, however, icons are not "realistic" paintings; rather they are symbols which reveal, in an artistic manner, a profound spiritual truth - the mysterious reality of God's presence in human life.
Humorous? No.

The central figure is usually Christ, the Mother of God or a saint and in this central figure is where we meet Christ. Only later do we see the rest of the icon and begin to contemplate those things and people which surround our meeting with Him. Through Him and with Him we make our way to heaven. The others, the saints, are there as our companions - as The Timman so nicely put it, our "Family" who help us along the path. We never travel alone!
No funny stuff here.

When I am kneeling in front of the icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Help praying those beautiful prayers imploring her help while pondering the images, colors, and meanings of the icon, I can only feel humble and awe for her and Her wonderful Son Who gave her to us.
Is God laughing?

It is a twisted world that takes such beauty and makes fun of it. I am afraid satan is having the greatest laugh.
Oh yes, and as to the link where one may find the life and merits of the saint....When one adds sugar to the poisen you only get a sweet deadly mixture.


Anonymous said...

There's a reason why the Moslems get so upset when a funny comic is made about their Faith. They defend an un-true faith with their life. Shouldn't we be able to do better for the One, True Faith?

A Fellow St. Louis Catholic

Anonymous said...

To the person who wrote on separation of the icon and the saint: If there is a separation from a saint, or Our Lord and Our Lady from the icon that portrays them, then why should we Catholics be offended by a billboard of Our Lady cradling a chicken at Christmastime? If it is really as you say it is, then we Catholics ought to be able to "laugh out loud" at any statue, movie, picture, or thought that belittles, jokes about, or mocks our glorious Faith, or those who have lived and died for it, because it's just the IMAGE of the artist's portrayal, and not the saint, God, or Mother of God in the image. Is nothing Sacred?

Jeff Geerling said...

Yikes! I honestly have not heard any of these accusations before (namely, of the site being satan's instrument, and of there being a link between image/saint).

I would absolutely *love* to hear more about these things, and discuss what I can do to improve/modify the site. I really, really, really hope my soul is not going to be damned eternally because of a fun and educational project I'm working on ;-)

Instead of complaining about the site on this blog, please shoot me an email or post a comment to the blog entry on lolsaints.com dealing with questions from the blogosphere. I am quite open to suggestions for improvement, and if that involves modifying the way I am doing things, so be it!

So far, though, I have had overwhelmingly positive feedback on the site, from priests, religious, lay Catholics, radical traditionalists, and even (GASP!) a couple of 'libs,' and I really can't see how LOLSaints.com is the devil's instrument.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this was already said, but in my humble opinion, I don't want to be distracted by captions that take me away from my purpose for looking at an icon. If I were to ever read any of them at LOL Saints, I highly doubt that I would be able to look at the image again in prayer, without remembering the mockery caption. The icons are there to help lead us into praying to our Lord, our Mother and the Saints pictured in them. I don't think God would find my distractions very funny, but then again, maybe that's my own personal problem. It falls into the category of keeping custody of the eyes, and for me, as Miss Mary put St. John Bosco's words, it would "cause [me] to lose God's Grace". These icons are images that are highly different from a family portrait that has some oddities about it that make you laugh. There is absolutely, NOTHING funny about LOL Saints at all.

Peklet Mom

thetimman said...

Jeff, dude, man...dude. I don't know what to say. I've been losing blood all day.

I feel like Bishop Williamson at a bar mitzvah.

Jeff Geerling said...

@ thetimman - ha ha!! Your comment almost made me choke on the tea I just drank!

Ah well, such is life.

Anonymous said...

Go for it, Jeff!!!! A little levity is good for the soul. We are often way too serious for our own good. I'm sure the Lord is L-ing OL!!!

Keep the faith!!!

Snup said...

I think LOLsaints is funny. Especially when you look at some of those images and wonder what the artist was thinking...the mosaic in the Cathedral comes to mind that says "...Your Faith is in Vain..."

I think fellow readers, you should find the Youtube videos of Fr. James Martin on humor in religious life.

I think there is a difference from trying to be funny and being offensive. If someone took a picture of Jesus and photoshopped him with the devil's body to make some kind of statement...then that probably wouldn't be funny.

Baron Korf said...

Take it for what it is. 'LOL' captions and 'Motivational' posters are a form of humorus commentary. It can be either positive or negative depending on intent.

Not everyone likes it or gets it, that's fine. But really now, the reactions on this thread borderline paranoia. Don't get me wrong it's great that people love the saints. However you have to understand that this is not a form of mockery.

Any sort of humor seems rude if it is not understood in its context.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Korf,
Let's try it this way. Suppose the blogger posted pictures of your mother with offensive captions, would we be laughing at the picture and not your mother? Would your reaction to insults about your mother be considered paranoia?

Our Lady is MY mother, just as she is yours. DON'T insult her because I WILL defend her.

Mark S.
New Haven, MO

Gregory Thaumaturgas said...

I think Saint Louis Catholic is patrolled by too many eager trads who will jump on Timman as though he were a mouse whenever he publishes anything funny.

Do you think God enjoys looking down on us complaining about things like what Timman puts on SLC or do you think he prefers us to admire the work of people like Timman and be please with what he publishes.

If Timman thought LOLSaints was problematic he wouldn't have published it.

Anyway... these are my thoughts.

Gregory Thaumaturgas said...

Addendum to my previous post: as you can see in the Blog list... Popery Potpourri's blog has a rediculous picture next to it... why not say it's horrible to allow such mockery of Pope Benedict XVI when you pounce on Timman for his LoLSaints which I actually thought was sort of funny.

thetimman said...

Wow, I had no idea that linking to that blog would lead to such an exchange. Gregory T, thanks for the defense, but I certainly am not infallible. I know many of the people who have a strong reaction against the type of humor employed at LOL, and I respect them, and their motives. No one wants sacrilege. Well, hopefully not anyone who reads this blog regularly. And I think that the owner of that blog is a very strong and reputable Catholic, too. I hope people on both sides of this debate give the other the benefit of the doubt.

In any event, I think that more back and forth posts probably aren't necessary to have the salient points of the discussion brought forth, and may not tend to greatest charity, so with this, let the curtain fall on the LOL Saints debacle of 2009.

Thanks to all for your comments.

Anonymous said...

You need to bring up the chapel veil discussion again!

Where's UCLX these days?