04 February 2009

Please Stop Non-Existent Global Warming

I can't say it any better than did Gateway Pundit:

"Please stop non-existent global warming. Or, the apes will hang themselves."

The following video is hilarious.


Anonymous said...

I often wonder how the people on either side of this issue are so sure their right. It truly baffles me that individuals who have no qualifications in this area can be so darn smart on the subject.

Anonymous said...

In America religion is trumped by science and science is trumped by politics.

Anonymous said...

I have to be honest, I don't see the hilarity. As my wife and I watched this our minds were flooded with thoughts, none of them happy.

1- We thank God that no one in our home watches television. Is this a commercial that is aired frequently?

2- How profoundly sad that these people could create the illusion that these animals are capable of intellectual thoughts and how dangerously sad that these people would offer suicide as an option to overcome problems.

3- By offering this 'solution' for the creatures, they are in fact tacitly offering this same solution for anyone who feels hopeless.

4- The imagery of this clip is dangerous for children. The pull on emotions and sadness coupled with the recognizably 'cuddly' animals and their FICTIONAL plight, invite young minds to sympathize with them.

This is what the Devil does. He gets us to SYMPATHIZE with him!

Timman, you know that I love you, but I must disagree with you. This clip is not funny, it is a dangerous attack against anyone who watches it especially young minds.

Mark S.
New Haven, MO

thetimman said...

Mark, what is hilarious about this video is that anyone would fall for it. My take is that this video is so amateurish and nauseating that few would. Obviously some do, which is why I would call it gallows humor.

The Church is honored to hold not only G.K. Chesterton but Malcom Muggeridge, too.

My first thought when I see this is something along the lines of-- "super-intelligent nihilistic animals! Run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Your other points are very well made.

Anonymous said...

How many "anonymouses" are there in your readership, Timman? I get tired of reading comments from people who won't identify themselves.

Get a Name, people.

Anonymous said...

Mark S.

My children, aged 6-13 thought it was hilarious! They thought it was so funny because they said they know animals are WAY too dumb to be sad and kill themselves. My younger child wasn't interested, thankfully.

I do think this commercial could definitely sway children who are less informed about animals and buy into the Global Warming Hoax, and environmental "religion".

thetimman said...

I assume every anonymous is either a parishioner at St. Cronan's who doesn't want their friends to know they are actually Catholic, or a pastor of a parish who can't be seen reading this blog.

Anonymous said...

They could still use a pseudonym! Be creative. . .

G. Warmer
Sam Adams
Prayer warrior

Or, you could be like me and just us an acronym!

Anonymous said...

The expression on the chimpanzee's face.. priceless. I almost fell out of my chair laughing.