12 March 2009

News from Archbishop Burke

I am under the weather (again!), so check out the Catholic Key's coverage of the latest from Archbishop Burke.


Anonymous said...


What do you think of Michael Steele being pro-choice?

Anonymous said...

Loaded question...

Mr. Steele said he was NOT pro-choice.

Anonymous said...


Feisty Muse

Anonymous said...

Get Well, Timman!

Miss M

Anonymous said...


I can't think of one instance.

If that is so, that is a GIGANTIC scandal.

It is not really very meaningful or signficant that Archbishop Burke from time to time criticizes politicians who vote for pro-abortion rights laws.

Why, WHY don't the bishops just issue an edict saying that anyone who publicly advocates for abortion rights is barred from Holy Communion until they publicly reverse their position?

They could issue orders to all ushers to block passages of such persons if they actually get in line for communion at a mass.

People still criticize Pope Pius XII for not doing enough to save Jews during the Nazi era.

But I think the pope took the right, mostly silent course in helping the Jews, since the Nazis were so violent, so ruthless, and since they more or less totally controlled Europe during most of the period of the Nazi mass murder of the Jews.

But the bishops of our time are not in such a dire situation. If pro-abort leaders are banned from Holy Communion, that won't lead to violent retaliation of any kind.

So what are the bishops afraid of? What, I ask? Does anyone have an answer?

The only answer that I can think of is that, in the U.S., most or all of the bishops are actually not pro-life.

I know that's harsh.

But, like Sherlock Holmes said, when you've eliminated all the other solutions, whatever one is left, however improbably it may seem, must be the true answer.


Anonymous said...


How about this plan: We start a movement to form a new pro-life assocation at every parish in the U.S.

The people in the association would not seek the approval of the pastor of the parish, and would not hold meetings at parish buildings.

Nevertheless, they will send letters to local pro-abort politicians to inform and warn them that they will have members at every mass at their parish, and if they see the pro-abort politician in line for communion, the members of this pro-life association with walk right up them and ask them to step out of the line, and if that does not work, will loudly speak out something like, "Parishioners! Mayor Rudy Giuliani supports the killing of unborn children, and is shamefully here to received communion!"

Then the member would walk away.

During all this, another member will be videotaping the incident with a little camcorder, for distribution to media companies.

Just the threat of such an event would deter most pro-abort politicians from attempting to receive communion.

Well, we have to do something! Our bishops won't act!


P.S. To any bishop reading this: News bulletin: Cowardice is NOT wisdom. St. Paul wrote: "For God hath not given us a spirit of timidity, but of courage." 2 Tim. 1:7. Bishops: We do not understand why you won't act. Bishops: You must consider that future generations will condemn you for your inaction on the matter of the Abortion Holocaust.

thetimman said...

The Steele thing is troubling, to be sure. I know he has distanced himself from the initial comments, so it is hard to say. i might delve into it some more when I am back up and running.

Anonymous said...

That Benadryl is great stuff isn't it Timman?