19 March 2009

Rachel Weeps


Anonymous said...

Very good. There is this one doctor who was doing surgery of a child in the womb. The child reached and held the doctor's finger. How can people just toss aside it is a baby? Not just a bunch of cells? At 10 weeks the hands/feet with fingers and toes are formed. Most women are thinking they are just "late" at that time. I do not know what they tell women now at PP, but I know what they did and said to you in early 1974 to push you into murder. Most likely it is the same lies they told me back then. They are worse than a high pressure car salesman. Thus my son was named Michael Joseph.

Martha in KC

Latinmassgirl said...

That was a strong message. Is this anywhere other than YouTube? We don't watch television, and I was hoping it was a commercial, late at night, of course.

Br. Andrew M. McAlpin, O.P. said...


You don't watch TV?!?!? Then you missed The One making fun of Special Olympians last night on Leno.

The MSM yawns, but if Bush or the Pope had done this, it would have been an international crisis.

HSMom said...

This is the highest office in the land, and he's going on LENO!!! How are we to take this man seriously??? And yet with a stroke of his pen, what damage he can, has and will do.

Lord have mercy.

Latinmassgirl said...

Br. Andrew,

Are you saying Obama made fun of the Special Olympics on Leno?! That is very insensitive, and just proves the media are very blinded by their obsession of him.

I have a special place in my heart for them as my graduate "internship" was with them (Media Communications). I attended several of their competitions, and they were wonderful for the families and children.

cmziall said...

Here you go, on YouTube, of course: