31 March 2009

Viva Cristo Rey

The armies of the people pictured above, shown shooting at a statue of our Lord, were defeated seventy years ago.  Rorate Caeli has an interesting post with the reflections of Pope Pius XII on that momentous event.


Anonymous said...

Your cruelty knows no limits.

thetimman said...


StGuyFawkes said...


The Spanish Civil War was not only a fight between Catholicism and athiestic socialism, it was also a battle between nationalistic fascism and the dignity of workers.

Orthodox Catholic writers like Francois Mauriac and George Bernanos denounced Franco while fighting for the French Resistance.

This picture represents an undeniable aspect of the struggle. It does not capture all of what was involved for the Church or mankind.

thetimman said...

StGuy, undoubtedly there were other issues. No doubt. But when one side makes it a point to kill priests, destroy Churches and install an atheistic totalitarianism, the other side looks good-- even in those cases where it is the lesser of two evils.