19 March 2009

To Our Local Progressive Friends

Pretty good opinion piece in the UK Telegraph today.  It generally supports Pope Benedict on the AIDS/prophylactics issue, although it gives credence to the use of these devices, too-- and there it goes astray.  The reason I link it is for this gem:  the following passage from this article is not only true, and funny, but also allows me to give a subtle hint to the local anti-Church progressives that there is a "welcoming, inclusive" place for you!

To compromise that truth, infinitely beyond us in this world as it is, would be for it to cease to be the truth, so far as the Roman Catholic Church interprets it. There is, of course, a "reformed" catholic tradition, which seeks to interpret God's will for the world in the context of the world in which we live and explore how Christian truth can be re-interpreted from generation to generation through human experience. It's called Anglicanism. 

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Patrick Kinsale said...

Send this also to that guy who wrote the horrid Washington Post guest column a few days ago and said, "I'm a Catholic, but don't know why because my church is evil." Or words to that effect.