28 April 2009

Catholic Cardinals News Next Week

OK, that was a bit of a tease. But the Tradition for Tomorrow blog has posted that thanks to a generous donor, the Oratory has a luxury suite with fifteen seats to offer on May 5 versus the Phillies. Funds benefit the restoration of the Oratory-- remember, the steeple restoration alone will run about $1.7 million, so please be generous.

From the site:

The Date: Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

The Time: 7:15 pm

The Game: St. Louis Cardinals vs Philadelphia Phillies

The Oratory has terrific tickets. Who’s coming?

The Cardinals are back for four home games next week, starting with the Phillies on Monday and Tuesday. A generous benefactor has provided the Oratory with 15 seats in a luxury suite at Busch Stadium for Tuesday night’s game against the Phillies, last year’s World Series Champion.

For a minimum donation of $100 per ticket (SLC note: I think this is actually the face value of the ticket), you and your companions will see the Cardinals resume their home game advantage from a luxurious vantage point. In addition to comfortable indoor and outdoor seating, the luxury suite includes a big screen TV to see the replays, as well as convenient restroom facilities (a bonus during the flu season).

Come support the Oratory and enjoy a great evening with friends and family in a venerable American tradition - at the ball game!

To reserve your tickets, please contact the Oratory as soon as possible. Call (314) 771-3100 and ask for Jon Roche or Dana Cole, or email sfds@institute-christ-king.org, and arrange payment by check made out to ”The Friends of St. Francis de Sales, Inc.”


Patrick Kinsale said...

I assume that if we attend and want to curse the Phillies, we must do so in Latin?

Anonymous said...

Always a jab at the cost of Holy Mother Church and her offical language. Not funny..


thetimman said...

Jim, I doubt he was making fun of the Church or her language-- as for the humor content, that is for each to decide.

Patrick Kinsale said...

Jim if you knew me you would know what you say is not the case. Sorry I offended you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that I jumped so quickly.

Patrick Kinsale said...

For the record, I wish Latin were the official language and not just the traditional language. And I wish its instruction was mandated in all Catholic schools. I undertand Italian, Latin's poor stepchild, is the language used at the Vatican, and is not the official definitive version of the Catechism in some other language? Latin is clear, concise and beautiful.