27 April 2009

Orlando Gardens Makes Amends; Takes Pro-Life Action

From an email from 40 Days for Life:

Banquet Center Owner Takes Stand for Unborn

In a recent Jeff City Update we shared with you information about an awards banquet held last night by a group calling itself "Faith Aloud." The banquet was organized by pro-abortion activists to "honor" representatives from Planned Parenthood and current and former legislators for their support of the abortion industry. We were disappointed to learn that the event was being held for the second straight year at Orlando Gardens, a prominent south St. Louis County banquet center. We encouraged you to send e-mails to the management expressing disappointment that they would host a party for those celebrating the killing of unborn children.

As a result of those contacts, we are delighted to report that the owners have had a change of heart. General Manager Mike Orlando shared his decision in an e-mail to us: "The Orlando Family is PRO LIFE. Therefore, our family will refuse to receive any profit from this event and donate all of the event's proceeds to the Respect for Life Apostolate at the St. Louis Archdiocesan office. Furthermore, Orlando Gardens will not be hosting any future events for Planned Parenthood."

Praise God for this victory. Please take the time to e-mail Mr. Orlando and thank him for taking this courageous stand on behalf of justice for the unborn. He has demonstrated that he is a businessman of true integrity and conscience.

You can reach Mike Orlando at morlando@orlandogardens.com


Anonymous said...

I did write Mr. Orlando, all the way from Rome! Thank you for providing all of this information and his email address on your site.
Fr. Michael, O.P.

Latinmassgirl said...

That is great new! What a good family and businessman. I know that times are tough now, and they are generously donating their profit to a pro=life cause.

I thanked them in an email, and hope others do as well.

patrick finley said...

I left Mr. Orlando a message via email. As some of you know I am a Knight of Columbus (no I am not the catholicknight, in case you are wondering). I will ask our council to keep the orlando's in our prayers. Prayer is the answer, and this showed it

RJSciurus said...

Nice work, Timman!

jane chantal said...

I e-maild Mr. Orlando & thanked him for the stand he is taking.

Anonymous said...

Mike emailed you? how great! Thank god they have changed their mind. I have one question wasn't this banquet hosted by some "ministers" that what i have read other places. Does planned parenthood have "ministers" now? or did mike just get confused? or am I confused? YOU should post his whole email! WAY TO GO

de Brantigny........................ said...

I posted a link to this on my Blog, it has been read 6 times in three days by the ACLU. I can not tell if it is because I prophesied that theey would sue of if there is a convert there? Wadda ya think?


I have long thought that someone would think I have a subversive blog.

Anonymous said...

Just to Clarify this was a Faith Aloud Event. Planned Parenthood had not to do with this event. Let's get the fact right if you are going to be judging people.

Anonymous said...

I will be writing to let them know they were duped by you and yours. Faith Aloud does great work to PREVENT pregnancies that a woman doesn't consent to, something I have seen little success with from those who deny accurate medical information or restrict options. The choice for life is not a moral choice if it is forced on women. I will write to let the Orlandos know that I will never give money to a business that supports forced childbearing against the will of the woman whose body is being used. If they were consistent and also forced men to donate their bodies (forced blood and organ donations, for instance) to save lives, I might consider it, but for now, it is an anti-woman move.

Lauren Bernstein said...

Faith Aloud is a spiritual, religious organization that brings together people from spiritual backgrounds who are also pro-choice. As a pro-choice Catholic, I think that it is very sad that we need to be divisive when we talk about who is or is not welcome to have gatherings. Isn't this the United States? We should be banding together as Catholics around issues of poverty that are really hurting us all and working to give women real options when they are pregnant including contraception and adoption.

Jay Brandt said...

Thank you...I did write to Mike Orlando the following:
As a former fellow St. Louis caterer and restauranteur I am amazed and appalled at your recent decision to so openly and blantantly discriminate against so many St. Louisians. We as business operators do not judge or condone the beliefs and actions of our customers..as long as they behave respectfully and legally. As a Jewish business person should I have barred all Catholics from my restaurant because our beliefs differed?

I've seen many blogs (I may be in the hills of KY, but thanks to the internet age I can still stay in touch with my home city) that say "well, there goes my favorite caterer" and similar comments. St. Louisians clearly loved what you were doing there, but to bow to pressure from one group you've alienated many, many others.

Us business owners are an independent lot...so I know to ask you to reconsider won't carry much weight...yet I ask you to please reconsider.

Jay Brandt

Show Me No Hate said...

I have alerted the media today and we are going to undercover this story immediately. I cannot believe Orlando Garden's has completely been duped by the wackos that protested that evening. I spoke with Mike Orlando today and it was clear he was not told the truth. We are getting the bottom of this and there is a possibility his actions might of been caused by other folks not telling him the full truth about Faith Aloud.

I cannot believe the lies and deception of complete haters.

thetimman said...

While you are busy not-hating your opponents by doing whatever you mean by "getting to the bottom" of this and by "alert[ing] the media", you might want to refrain from calling people you have never met "complete haters". I would suppose that "complete haters" would be more effective in the public arena than pro-life advocates have been.

As a final note, I think the stance of the "Faith Aloud" website speaks for itself. I think their own description states the problem quite neatly.

And what part of their spiritual and faith filled group condones your name-calling and attempts to intimidate?

thetimman said...

And, P.S.-- I had nothing to do with the decision to host, the protest, or the decision to change. So, feel free to direct your non-hate somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

I am afraid to post my real name because of vicious reprisal. I wish I had the courage of the Orlando family. Best of luck and strength in the face of the coming onslaught by this powerful and ruthless opponent who will seek your destruction. God help the unborn.

Anonymous said...

It is truly sad that there are groups of people forcing their opinion on others of the same faith, on American businesses, and elsewhere in the world, to the point that the freedoms we Americans fought so hard to preserve, are being stripped away due to the bigotry of a small group of Catholics who staged this protest. What’s next people? Why not just round them up and burn them? It’s been done before with this same type of thinking, wouldn’t that be the next logical step on your agenda?