31 May 2009

Abortionist Tiller is Killed

Story in the New York Times.

This man needs prayers; one can only hope for some radical repentance before he died.  The murder of anyone, even one who was responsible for such horrific evil, is to be condemned.

This is an interesting story to watch as they hunt for the killer; as tragic as any person's death is, this will be a golden opportunity to further vilify the pro-life movement.  

It avoids the abortionist being convicted of any of the crimes he was under investigation for.  

It allows the pro-death crowd to have a "martyr".

It will subject the Church to attack and persecution on a wider scale, regardless of the identity of the killer. 

It could have First, Second, Fifth and Tenth Amendment practical ramifications.

And, finally, in light of the recent Ohnesorg revelations, it is one to keep an eye on.  

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