18 May 2009

Insight from Archbishop-Elect Carlson on Canon 915

An informative snippet from an otherwise fluffy interview with His Excellency by Tim Townsend at the Post:

Q. Do you believe Catholic politicians who support abortion rights, and who persist in doing so even after consultation with their bishop, should be denied the Eucharist if they approach to receive it?

A. If I were to enter into dialogue with somebody, and after they reflect on the discussion and that person persisted, it could come to that point. Again, (former St. Louis) Archbishop (Raymond) Burke, who is on the Supreme Apostolic Signatura (the Vatican's highest court), has combined in an interesting way (the church laws that govern the issue), and I think he does it correctly.

And he's not just speaking anymore as the archbishop of St. Louis, he is the prefect of the Signatura. It appears that's the direction the church consensus is moving towards. ... Could we get into that situation? Yes. But at least in my own time in St. Louis, I'd like to have a crack at the dialogue first.


Anonymous said...

A somewhat hopeful sign. At least he's open to having the dialogue. Burke never was. The more this church drifts from the spirit of VatII, which called all the faithful to engage the messiness of this world, the more we make ourselves irrelevant and laughable.

Anonymous said...

"At least he's open to having the dialogue. Burke never was." How many and when was anyone denied communion in this arch-diocese, whether AB Burke was here or not?

"...irrelevant and laughable." This seems to me to be the RESULT of the Vatican II "spirit."


Fr. Andrew said...

He is working hard to enter his assignment in freedom. The media wants to paint His Excellency in their image, to establish prejudice as well as grounds for rejection of Gospel discipleship. There is a specific image of the priesthood of Jesus Christ in His Bishops and Archbishop Carlson is laboring to present that against the media's preconceived notions. Following Archbishop Burke will be easy on many levels: he's Orthodox, he built up his presbyterate, and he lived in prayerful union with the Church. On other levels, especially the dynamism of his own personality, it will be difficult for Archbishop Carlson to be judged on who he is.

I'm honestly surprised that the paper got his nuance correct. I recall one of Archbishop Chaput's Respect Life homilies in Denver. At one point he was banging the ambo saying repeatedly, "If we do not love the poor we will go to hell." The headlines? Archbishop rails against Abortion. He'd shrug his shoulders and say, "I don't do it for the media but I wish they'd actually pay attention."

Baltassar said...

Yes we would like to follow Vatican II and the Holy Spirit, not the SPIRIT of Vatican II which is something altogether different.

But if you would like you know what Archbishop Burke has said about dialogue and the denial of Holy Communion to pro-abortion politicians then read his article that he wrote about it: http://www.therealpresence.org/eucharst/holycom/denial.htm

Anonymous said...

His Grace, Archbishop Burke, was absolutely committed to listening, to dialogiue and to seeking compassionate resolution to neuralgic situations. The non-dialogic and harsh caricature expressed of him above is the creation of enemies of the Church who were displeased with the Archbishop's effors to serve the Church and her teachings faithfully. In justice, that caricature should be dismantled.
Father Michael, O.P.