26 May 2009

Sotomayor of the Same

Joe Biden.

Tom Daschle.

Kathleen Sibelius.

Janet Napolitano.

Sonia Sotomayor.

What do they have in common?

They are Catholics who support legal abortion.

It does seem that the easiest way to get ahead with our current administration is to be an apostate Catholic. And every one of these persons fills a position that has an impact on abortion rights and/or the ability to oppose such rights.

All of this appears to be part of a strategy to split the Catholic electorate, confuse the Catholic faithful, and neuter the Catholic Faith. For those ready to jettison the true faith for temporal gain, our dear leader is their anti-pope.


TGL said...

I take it you don't like this pick. If you were president, who would you have nominated and why?

thetimman said...

Other than Robert Bork?

Mary Ann Glendon comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

Get with it, Tim!

Catholics are already confused and neutered. How do you think everything got to this point? Whoever "they" are have done "their" job well.

Anonymous said...

Listen, I don't want to embarass you or anything, but your right-wing is showing. You apparently liked it better when we had a Republican who paid lip service to the Catholic position on abortion, had both houses of Congress, has a conservative SCOTUS and DID NADA about it. But he certainl talked a good game, didn't he? Just the way the Republicans talked that game for the previous 30 years. I think you guys were snookered. But, hey, don't ever admit that, not even to yourselves.

Child of God said...

How To Stop Sotomayor:

Anonymous said...

What the heck more do you want - she supported the Mexico city policy AND supported freedom of religious expression. But hey - you would complain if St Pius X was nominated.

Wm said...

Hey, Dude, how about Roberts, Scalia, and Alito? Republicans gave them to us--thank God.

We all gotta pray for this woman. The Dear Leader could have chosen far worse.

The good thing about Obama is that he's not Hilary.

Anonymous said...

Wm said "The good thing about Obama is that he's not Hilary." I dunno dude ... I wonder if that would not have been the more benign of the two. Albeit, a Mr. Yuk sticker for both, I'm afraid.

Indeed, we need to pray for all our elected leaders who profess the Catholic Faith. Perhaps a nationwide rosary for our Catholic leaders to recall they are soldiers for Christ by virtue of the Sacrament of Confirmation, might be a good start.


Latinmassgirl said...

Sotomayor will be the most radical judge we have ever had on the Supreme Court. Her skin color is not why she was nominated, but her infliction of her radical political views in her decisions were the only reason!

If she had been a pro-life conservative, she would have never been considered, just as Bush's 2001 nomination of Miguel Estrada was. He was viewed as "dangerous" because he was Latino and a Constitutionalist. These same Democrats denied Estrada the courtesy of a Senate vote, until after seven attempts and over two years, he finally asked that his nomination be withdrawn!

Sotomayor is a radical who has had 80% of her judgements overturned! If she was even slightly interested in being a real judge rather than an activist, she would have been thrown under the bus by the Dems! They would say, "Who cares about how she grew up poor?" Then the name-calling would follow.

Wake up America! This has nothing to do with her skin color -it is not about diversity, but about eroding our freedoms. Her life story is just a convenient way to get sympathy and support and distract us from her record!