28 May 2009

A Thousand Words

Sometimes a picture does relay the gist of it, doesn't it?

Nixon would be proud of this guy-- heck, he wasn't in his league-- from
Gateway Pundit:

Dealergate: Mapping the Chrysler Closures

Now this...
Doug Ross says tonight that, "The odds that these Chrysler closings occurred without partisan bias are roughly equivalent to the odds that Jean Claude Van-Damme will grab a Best Supporting Actor Oscar next year for a remake of Terms of Endearment."

Doug mapped the research by Joey Smith that shows how the Big Dem Donor Group RLJ-McLarty-Landers fared after the announced closings.
All six of RLJ-McLarty-Landers were saved and their local competitors were conveniently closed.

Here is the map of their Lee's Summit, Missouri location:
There are 5 Chrysler dealerships near Lee's Summit, Missouri: [SLC: REFER TO ABOVE MAP]

1. Lee's Summit Dodge-Chrysler-Jeep (Lee's Summit, MO)
2. Crawford's Raytown (Jeep) (Raytown, MO)
3. Mitch Crawford's Holiday Motors (Chrysler) (Raytown, MO)
4. Raytown Dodge Company (Dodge) (Raytown, MO)
5. Milner-O'Quinn Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep (all 4 brands) (Harrisonville, MO)

#1 is located in Lee's Summit and is owned by RLJ-McCarty-Landers.

#2, #3, and #4 are located 9 miles northwest in Raytown, MO and is owned by Michael Crawford.

#5 is located 19 miles south in Harrisonville, MO and is owned by Charles O'Quinn.

The Lee's Summit RLJ dealership will remain open.
Doug Ross has more maps and calculated that the odds that all of the RLJ dealerships would survive the cuts. Ross says this was roughly as likely as landing two frisbees, simultaneously, on each of Barack Obama's teleprompters during one of his televised speeches.


TGL said...

And this fantasy has what to do with the Catholic faith? Oh, I'm sorry, you must be in "I'm an Obama-hating Republican" mode right now. Just as long as you keep your two identities separate. I'd hate to think this is what the St. Louis Review found so appealing about your blog.

thetimman said...

TGL, I think the real question is what do you find so appealing about my blog?

elliot said...


Don't fret...TGL is like a court jester...good for a laugh or better like the village idiot...quaint, harmless and entertaining.

Anonymous said...

TGL - Don't you get it?

This is a Karl Rovian blog written by an ideologue under the guise of some very strong Catholic opinions. This site offers a wonderful insight into a borderline personality disorder that is very confused. It is Catholic in its defense of the unborn. It is anachronistic in its love of the old Latin Mass and "the way things used to be." It is all patriotic American in its tacit approval of the Iraq war and tax cuts to bajillionaires, and all things Republican. (Where the primary implemented value is 'tax cuts.') And it is paranoic in that it assumes a huge plot behind anything Obama does.

It staunchly defends the Catholic church at times, and then Tim quickly becomes a Cafeteria Catholic, turning its nose to larger social justice issues. E.g., while Pope John Paul II vehemently opposed Bush's invasion into Iraq, Tim was saying that unlike abortion, there could be justifiable reasons for war. Not that any of them applied to this war though. But he wouldn't nor won't go there. His love affair with Bush the genius boy wonder is as amazing as his absolute hatred for anything Obama does.

So of course, when Obama picked Sotomayer for the Supreme Court, Tim immediately blasted this pick. Funny that - Sotomayer might well turn out to be anti-abortion, but because Obama picked her, she has to be some form of evil. (Did you see where he hoped he'd pick BORK!?)

I'm attracted to his blog for the same reason passing motorists slow down to see a grisly car accident. It is hysterical watching Tim flop around like a fish on hot asphalt trying to squeeze his Catholicism into the Republican party.

Tim - can you humor us again and tell us how much better the few surviving Catholics who haven't fled in terror are in Iraq since Bush's immoral, illegal and unjust war?

Anonymous said...

I hope that no one at the Review or the Archdiocese believes that you speak for every Catholic in the Archdiocese.mv

cmziall said...

I'm with you Timman.

TGL, something keeps you coming back for more. It must be Timman's "good humor"! ;)

If you look at the subtitle of the blog is it is "news AND views"

Child of God said...

Obamites expropriated Chrysler and set out to destroy dissenters and reward cronies.

The O-Bots are about to go after the Catholic Church.

Obo said 2 days ago in a speech to the Babylonian elite.."You ain't seen nothing yet"

Ora et labora said...

I actually had the same thought. Doesn't really seem to fit with the overall theme of this blog, unless we're finally ready to admit that the Catholic Church is an official branch of the Republican party. Then I suppose this entry makes sense.

thetimman said...

Anonymous at 9:42: You really have no idea how wrong you are. I am certainly not a Republican. I do not believe the war in Iraq met the principles of Just War theory. I am not a fan of George Bush. Have you read this blog?

I am Catholic. I favor the people having control of their own money instead of substituting the welfare state for real Catholic Charity. You see, the "bajillionaires", as you call them, tend to be Obama supporting Democrats. And why not? They can afford the fee, or else like other apparatchniks they elude the rules that apply to normal people.

But by voting for Obama, people like you try to assuage their consciences by ignoring the slaughter of babies and instead pointing to a higher tax rate as proof of compassion. Logic, I'm afraid, is not your friend.

And when someone points it out, it makes you uncomfortable, and so you write it off as "hate". Laughable, but sad.

mv, Don't worry, no illusions about that here. The Archdiocese and the Review, and you, and me, will all have their exit interviews to relate how we thought it best to live our faith. I have my own to worry about, so I will not intrude on yours. This blog is not required reading for Catholics to receive Holy Communion, so you should be ok.

Anonymous said...

Response to the Timman at 13:24

Yes, there is wealth on both sides of the aisle. Yes, the wealth of CA's Hollywood set seems firmly entrenched in the Democrat's side. The Fortune 500's wealthiest lies heaviest with the Republicans. Reagan got a standing ovation when speaking to his base NOT for saying he was against abortion, but for saying he would greatly limit the IRS. Got a second one by saying he'd cut taxes. At the 2000 Al Smith dinner in New York, "W" said "This is an impressive crowd -- the haves and the have mores. Some people call you the elite -- I call you my base."

If you go back to listening to the "primary goals" of the Republican party, you will hear "tax cuts" far more times than you will hear "ending abortion." Of course, with selective hearing us Catholics tend to hear the second more often because we want to. The wealthy, of course, hear the first, and cynically use the second to achieve their goals.

dulac90 said...


You're bigoted steroetypes are laughable. Not everyone has to fit into either pro-Dem/anti-Rep vs pro-Rep/anti-Dem.

I can't recall a "pro-Bush" post on this blog. Not even McCain. Maybe Palin, but she certainly gets criticized by both of the established political parties.

Anonymous said...

Well, a little farther to the north in KC they also are closing Jack Miller and Bud Brown. These are both #1 & 2 in sales and service. We have bought many cars/vans from Jack Miller. We are taking our cruiser for it's 1st free oil change monday. The service man told George that both Bud Brown and Jack Miller are NOT union shops. Being the union owns more than 50% of Crysler.....they hit the block. We hope to find out what we will do after Jack Miller closes. It was supposed to be under performing dealerships that closed. right.

Martha in KC

Anonymous said...

You people understand what a blog is right? He can put whatever he wants on it. I think it's awesome that it seems to matter enough for so many who dislike the blog to feel the need to check it and comment on it more frequently than those who actually support it.


elliot said...


Do you know why? It's called suffering from a bad conscience...