25 May 2009

Welcome to Our New Priests

The above photo comes from the recent ordination of four priests for the Archdiocese: Fathers Chrismer, Mayo, Olsen and Skillman. Click photo to enlarge. 

Shout-out to cmziall.

Let us pray for our priests!


Anonymous said...

The archdiocese's website and the STL review website have not published a single note about this event and that we have 4 new priests. That is terrible.


Porkchop said...

I got 3 tweets about it.

But you're right, there should be something on those websites.

cmziall said...

Thanks, Timman!

PMKD, that is terrible. It seems strange (I haven't looked), but the STL Review last week (I think) had it in the paper that they WERE to be ordained. Strange that they wouldn't post anything more. If I remember correctly, when they ordained 6 priests last year they posted ALL of their pictures and even wrote a little about them. THEN they followed up to where they were to be assigned.

Anonymous said...

The Review ran an advance story on the ordinations in the May 15 issue of the Review.


Our Living Our Faith section this coming Friday also will focus on the ordinations.

Jennifer Brinker
Reporter, St. Louis Review

Anonymous said...

Oops! Sorry, PMKD. I forgot to add, we also should have something posted one of our websites, but clearly there's nothing there. Thanks for the note on that -- let me check and see what's going on!

Jennifer Brinker

Anonymous said...

According to the St. Louis Review website, this ordination was to take place this past Saturday, May 23rd.
Is it possible that they wanted to have pictures before the article was placed in the paper?

Jeff Geerling said...

Archstl.org now has a story with a link to this Flickr photostream, but there will likely be a larger story in this week's Saint Louis Review.

Mary S. said...

I agree with PKMD in the disappointment of attention these ordinations received. It's not a matter of "if" the ordinations were announced, as Ms. Brinker's comments affirm that they were. (And it's wonderful to see that Bishop Hermann covered it in his column!) But, when one finds everything in the Review from inmate executions to retreats for the divorced, and must strain to pick up a notice here or there of what should be the grandest event of the year, it leaves one a bit saddened. Twitter or not.

I hope it was just an oversight or mistake on the web! Congratulations to the 4 new priests of St. Louis. We're really proud of you and thank you for sacrificing your lives for souls!

cmziall said...

I finally see the post on the Archdiocese's site, but I don't understand how Flickr works. You can't easily (IMO) browse through the photos well.

Thanks, Jeff! BTW, your flickr link isn't working ;)

pfinley said...

I have a question, does anyone know if any of them are trained in the Extraordinary Form? That was for me a big note from last year, that 5 of them were

Anonymous said...

This year's ordinations brings us a good and holy crop of new priests; we are blessed to have them. May God keep them holy and may we ever show them our appreciation.
Fr.M.M., O.P.

Anonymous said...

I noticed alot of concern & disappointment for the lack of coverage of the new ordinations in the Review. However, this Fridays Review had a large amount of coverage (in my mind) and some wonderful things to say. Patience, people!