30 June 2009

Franken's Theft Confirmed by the Courts

Say goodbye to the last pretense of democracy in this formerly great nation.

The Communists now have a filibuster-proof majority in the U.S. Politburo.


Anonymous said...

OK, how did he steal the election?

Anonymous said...

First, let me make it clear that I did not vote for Obama. Having said that, I really think you'd be much happier if you found a better place for you and your family to live. You certainly don't like it here. When you find that better place here on earth, let me know.mv

thetimman said...

As to how, ask him. Or read any news accounts outside of MSNBC.

mv, thanks for the advice. I appreciate your kindness.

TGL said...

Well, Timman, that explains how he stole the election. Maybe you should ask the Republican Minn. Sup. Court judges how he did it. Sounds like it's news to them!

Anonymous said...

My my, thetimman,
The John Birch Society still has a few surviving members who actually think that the commies are still plotting on taking over America.
And there are a few militias out there that fear the same thing - most are heavily armed and some are even bunkered down in their nuclear bomb shelters, living their lives in constant fear of "THEM!"

Honestly, the opposite of love isn't hate (which at least is a relationship) - it's fear. Jesus wasn't afraid He'd become a prostitute, tax collector, thug, or sinner by spending His time with those with different life-styles than His. Nor do I see where He demonized entire groups of people, despite the please of some of his disciples to do so.

I like your blog when it is Catholic. Sometimes, like this, though, it just seems you take it places that are unChristian.

P.S. How was your retreat? Know that you were in my prayers.

Ora et labora said...

You claim that the election of a democratic senator spells the end of democracy in America, but clearly you are no fan of a two party system (where there will always be shifts in power) and favor only an immovable republican govt. That sounds more like communism to me.

So we happen to be in an era of Democratic control. Are you new to this country? Do you not know that the next election cycle could turn things around?

If you're a young person (and I think that's a safe assumption considering much of what I've read on this little blog), then you are in for a lifetime of anxiety, heartburn, and severe malaise if things like this herald doom in your life.

Anonymous said...

Anonymouses (Anonymeece?):

Ever heard of sarcasm?

God bless.