25 June 2009

A Holy Shepherd

This picture comes from Principium Unitatis, the blog of a sometime commenter on this site. It absolutely captures the soul of Archbishop Burke. Click on the photo to greatly enlarge it.

He is slandered by those who really know nothing about him. He is a pastor of souls.

And by the way, if you would like to post a comment with anything negative about His Grace, rest assured you are wasting your time.


smessner735 said...

I had a brief experience with Archbishop Burke at an Advent gathering at Gateway Academy. My non-Catholic sister-in-law attended and brought her 2 month old daughter. With my s-i-l's permission, I brought the baby to his Grace, asking him for a blessing. He was so kind. He appeared to want to hold the baby, but stopped himself (probably afraid that someone would accuse him of some perversion), then proceeded to engage my sister-in-law in conversation, praising her as a mom, commenting on the baby's beauty, and finally blessing both mom and baby. He was the picture of compassion and made a very favorable impression on my s-i-l who has many hang-ups about Catholicism. May God continue to bless this holy man.

MP said...

He is truly a saint.