26 June 2009

House Passes Largest Tax Increase in US History to Solve Phony Crisis That Doesn't Exist


Those who voted for this should be voted out in 2010. In this area, that means Russ Carnahan and William Lacy Clay.

What a complete scam. The march to Communism must be stopped in the Senate. Hey, social justicers, how about the harm that the doubling of monthly utility bills will inflict on the poor?


Latinmassgirl said...

Outrage! Goodbye to millions more jobs as well!

Anonymous said...

You'll be fine. Initiatives to restore some sense of global balance and fairness (i.e., propping up the common good) are always a bit uncomfortable for the "haves" at first, but it's not as dire as you might think (or hope).

Latinmassgirl said...

Oh, please Anonymous,
Get Educated! Even the Democrats know this Cap and Trade is a tax on EVERYBODY, even the poor! In 2008, Obama himself said that if he implements Cap and Trade, it will double the rates of utilities as the companies will pass the increase onto the customer.

There will also be millions of jobs lost, especially as businesses and the coal industry is forced to shut down, because they will not be able to afford these new restrictions.

Our economy will further go in the tank from this and the Democrats will be voted out of office in a landslide. That is the only good thing about this liberal power grab.

Anonymous said...

As a reminder, the US had an exceptionally high recessive tax during the last administration. It was called $4.00+ per gallon of gas.

Nine members of W's first administration worked for oil companies before they ended up in the White House. Nine.

Cheney held at least 50 private, highly confidential meetings with his oil company executives to formulate the US Energy Policy. No sense of dialogue or openness here - seems they just formulated ways to work together to make as much profits as they could together.

And surprise of surprise, they got everything they wished for - $4.50 gas, the world's largest profit EVER for any company and any industry, and an invasion into Iraq which had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11. (Before the war, one White House exec said that they expected to more than double the production of oil of out Iraq, raising it from 2.4 to 5.2 billion barrels per year. To paraphrase Dan Quayle: 'our oil.')

FYI, many progressives think that the Obama administration caved in too heavily to the true goal of clean energy, i.e. giving a 20 year okay for the use of coal instead of funding more solar and wind power projects. It's one of those bills that because both sides hate it, it might have some merit to it.

Anonymous said...

Not all of us agree that "Less taxes" is a so-called 'family value.'

Some of us actually appreciate what taxes do for us, e.g. providing the security of the police, fire and CIA. It supports our troops, and continues to provide medical caire(socialized medicine) for veterans of our wars. It pays for the education of our children, builds our highways, keeps an eye on the food we eat and water we drink. It pays the salaries of our air traffic controllers and highway patrolmen. Since the free markets have yet to come up with any solution to the 53 million infants, children, men and women without healthcare, it pays for their healthcare in emergency rooms across America. It helps subsidize churches, i.e. the government does not tax churches as a way to encourage their financial solvency.

Individually, we might not like having to pay taxes, but as a collective society, it provides immense benefits for all.

BTW, LatinMass Girl, the poor don't make enough to pay taxes. Like Shakespeare said, "I think thou protestest too much."

Athanasius Magnus said...

Anonymous, you are a perfect example of what the government and media (redundant?) would love for all of us to be. All you are doing is repeating what the media has been feeding all of us for the past several years, in an attempt to keep our attention away from what is really going on. If that plan works, then soon enough our nation, which originated as capitalist, and is now (yes now) socialist, will become communist, just as pre-WWII Germany, and then decades later everyone will wonder again: "Why did all that happen?" The whole time we are ignoring the very basic causes of national destruction. The best part is that, while Rome is burning, we are all too busy worrying about the environment, health care, and whatever else the media feeds us that week to cover for the progressive movement. Anonymous, please do me a favor and read some Woodrow Wilson, and see how this plan to destroy the dreams of our Founding Fathers has been brewing for more than a century.

By the way, your argument about taxes is completely missing the point. Even our Founding Fathers realized that taxes were a necessary evil, however they fought against taxation without representation. The original Boston Tea Party was started because of a 7% tax. SEVEN percent! I am not even "rich," and I know that by the time I earn my money, spend it, and then own something for a period of time, I have paid at least 50% in taxes on all that money, which is an outrage. How ironic that we are now fighting against taxation without representation, once again! We are getting our taxes raised and our national debt increased EXPONENTIALLY, all without representation. This is all an immense scam meant only to completely cripple our nation. One minor slip at this point and China owns us, literally. Oh, and your point about how some people don't make enough money to pay taxes: Lenin and Marx completely agree with you! Maybe we should just spread the wealth around, and remove any freedoms these constitutionalists claim they should have! Or rather, in the spirit of true freedom we should think about how Benjamin Franklin said that the only way to truly fix the problem of poverty is to make the poor uncomfortable in their poverty. With all these government sponsored programs which are really nothing more than a way to buy votes from the poor, we are not only squeezing the very blood out of the working class, but we are also crippling our nation's economic power. The road we are going down is suicidal for both the individual and for the nation, and the longer we go down it the faster we go.