22 June 2009

Outstanding PBS Video Story on the Chartres Pilgrimage

This is a beautiful piece-- I can't believe public television would broadcast this, but miracles happen. If you want a little glimpse into what Catholic tradition is all about, watch this video. As St. Pio said, the world can exist without the sun easier than without the Mass. Catholicism is the answer to the woes of the world. These brave souls bear witness to the Truth of Christ.

Talk about Catholic action.

Three young women from St. Francis de Sales Oratory participated in the pilgrimage this year. Perhaps one of them can post a story on it here-- maybe I will browbeat one into doing so.

Nice to see the ICRSP Coat of Arms on one of the banners (early in the video).

Watch this video. It isn't too long, and is an uplifting experience. I cannot embed the video here, so watch it at the PBS site. Tip to The Remnant, where I found the link.


Anonymous said...

Nice video - thanks!

Not sure why you had to take a pot-shot at PBS in your lead-in, as it seems like a pretty unChristian thing to do.

The only disappointment in the video is that it didn't show any of the stained glass windows inside the Cathedral of Chartre. Many would say these are the most beautiful windows on the entire planet. Then again, that might be another PBS story that we've missed, or that needs to see the light of day, so to speak :)

Wm said...

PBS is not at all shy about taking pot-shots at things Catholic. Maybe the message is getting through to them that Catholics know how to use a TV remote. Christians, especially Catholics, are fair game when it comes to ridicule and disdain. Jews and Muslims are not, curiously, treated similarly. Next "pledge drive," send your money to Mother Angelica.

TGL said...

Wm, can you give an example of PBS taking potshots at Christians and Catholics? I've been a long time viewer of PBS and I have no idea what you're referring to. EWTN is obviously directed to a Catholic audience whereas PBS's audience is much broader. That hardly makes PBS anti-Catholic, anti-Christian.

Wm said...

TGL, for starters, just listen to "All things Considered" once and a while. One time I tuned in to "Morning Edition" and they were joking about eating Hosts that were deep-fried, accompanied by Sacramental wine! Oh yeah, and check out "Secrets of the Dead" on PTV, always a reliable source of defamation and misinformation when it comes to the HRC Church. And when the folks at PBS do attempt "balanced" coverage of things Catholic, they drum out every liberal, Catholic nutjob in the book to get his/her take on the situation. Could go on and on, but you're obviously not willing to be persuaded.

TGL said...

Why do you assume that I'm not willing to be persuaded? Please, go on and on like you say you can. Just be sure you differentiate betweeen PBS and NPR--they're not the same.

Latinmassgirl said...

Years ago, I heard Bill Maher myself making fun of Christians. He said we were just delusional idiots while he was talking with Carrie Fisher and that Jesus was a myth and a fairy tale! He also said that he thinks it is ridiculous that any grown person would believe in such a mythical person as Jesus! That was the last time I watched the Public Bullying Slimeballs (PBS).

Here is Newsbusters article on the PBS Nova series which basically called the Old Testament a myth.


I have some practical questions about this beautiful pilgrimage. Do they all sleep in tents? With so many male and female young people, are there chaperones?