24 June 2009

Pray for Priests

The Catholic blog world has covered the Year of the Priest story well enough, and you probably don't need my reminder to pray for our priests.

However, I would like to submit for specific remembrance our beloved ICRSP priests, and all of the priests in our Archdiocese who are working hard to re-introduce the traditional Mass and sacramental forms. These men are of all ages, and they know who they are. I won't call them out without their permission, so they won't get unnecessary flak from certain quarters.

My uncle is also a priest, and we don't really see eye-to-eye on the liturgical question. We pray for each other.

Fr. Andrew at Catholic Vision is known to some here in St. Louis, and is embarking on a retreat as he has also entered a new assignment.

And, of course, the Holy Father, Archbishop Carlson, Bishop Hermann and Archbishop Burke need our prayers.


Patrick Kinsale said...

I know of a local priest who is close to death from cancer and can really use some prayers. Whenever I want to get mad at him over various things he has said that are not the most orthodox in the world, I think also of all the good he has done and am grateful for his commitment.

Fr. Andrew said...

Thank you for the prayers, timman! This will be a powerful year for those formed to the priesthood of Jesus Christ, the Eternal and High Priest.

I'll be blessed to see his Excellency receive the Sacred Pallium as I'll be in Rome before my retreat. Know of my prayers for those at St. Francis de Sales who are dear to me.

Anonymous said...

For the Belleville diocese, across the Mighty Mississippi, I am daily (Mon-Fri) posting a request for prayers for a diocesan priest, including military, order, international and retired priests in our diocese. I invite readers to post comments on that priest's gifts, their experience with him, etc. No criticism permitted. We pray for that man that day. God bless all of the priests of the STL Archdiocese as well, including its former archbishops. I thought Bp. Herman was fabulous in the interim holding down the fort and defending the faith. He shall soon be blessed with a diocese of his own I am sure.

Anonymous said...

Patrick KInsale:

Would that priest be Father Jim Krings?

Truly a good and Christlike man. Fr. Krings touched many hearts throughout his life. This world is a little better because of his having been here.

Godspeed, Jim