23 July 2009

Torn Between Supporting the Oratory and Watching Baseball? Fret No More!

The first one was a great success, come out for round two. From the Tradition for Tomorrow site:

Take Me Out to the Ball Game Fundraiser - Take Two

What can you do to:

1) Support the Cardinals at Busch Stadium (a great American Tradition),

2) Support the St. Francis de Sales Oratory (a great Catholic Tradition), and,

3) Have fun?

Friends of St. Francis de Sales Oratory cordially invite you to join us to watch the St. Louis Cardinals take on LA Dodgers on
Monday, July 27, at 6:10 pm.

For a minimum donation of $100, this special vantage point from the luxury suite comes with convenience and comfort: restroom facilities, and big screen TV for replays. Thanks to a generous donor, the Oratory has 20 tickets for Monday night’s game against the Dodgers, currently the National League West Division leader. Another generous Donor has provided a superb weather forecast (Monday only), making either indoor or outdoor seating a great way to spend a summer evening with Friends of St. Francis de Sales Oratory.

Please reserve your spot by calling the Oratory as soon as possible (314) 771-3100.


Anonymous said...

That's an actual photo of Cardinal pitcher Brad Thompson running out a groundball.

Delena said...

Oh, if only we lived closer. I sure have been a Dodgers fan since birth. :-)

Go Dodgers!

HSMom said...

Ahem, Delena. May I please direct your attention to number 1 under the "What can you do to:" section of Tim's post? I'm sure you will agree that there is nothing stated therein which would lead anyone to believe that the "fun" guaranteed further down in number 3 could be obtained by anyone but a Cardinals fan.


Go Cards!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Delena Dodgers, not gonna happen...

thetimman said...

I love the Brad Thompson comment. True!