27 July 2009

Where to Begin on this One?

O.K., deep breath.

And away--

I first saw this on Patrick Madrid's site. And then I noticed Delena linked it, too.

What is it? Well, it is a wedding procession of the most unconventional variety. You Tube will not allow the video to be embedded, but you can watch it at the first link above.

Some observations, in random order:

1) The bare shoulder crowd will not like this.

2) I was immediately glad it wasn't a Catholic Church-- but I wish I could say with 100% certainty that it could never happen in one.

3) One of my favorite comments at the YouTube site was to the effect that this couple would be divorced within 2 years (no hate mail, please! I don't wish it to be true.)

4) It reminds me somewhat of a scene from the movie Barcelona where the hero, alone in his apartment, does some weird dance while reading the Bible. His cousin walks in with his girlfriend, and is amused. The cousin inquires if this is his new Presbyterian worship service. In his embarrassed confusion, the hero says, "Well, Protestant." After which the girlfriend asks, "Are all Protestant churches like this?" And the cousin answers, "Pretty much."

5) Is this sign #34,765 of the end of the world?


HSMom said...

Pray tell, what is left to do at the wedding reception!?

jane chantal said...

I think one of the YouTube commenters summed it up:

"Sure this is a special day for them, but neither that music nor the dancing is appropriate in a church.

PS: They look like retards"

In this era of "Dancing With The Stars", "Rock the Reception" etc., I guess it was just a matter of time before people who have grown used to thinking of the church sanctuary as a performance space came up with something like this.

Instead of focusing on appreciating the solemnity of the occasion, onlookers in this case were probably wondering when Pastor Happenin' was going to throw her service book aside and start moonwalking.

If this is a trend, imo it probably will be short-lived -- because the majority of Christians and their pastors will think about it for about three seconds and categorically reject it.

(Gee, I'm usually such a pessimist -- what is up with me? lol)

Fr. Andrew said...

That is why I run rehearsals for weddings. Further proof as to the goodness and beauty of remaining a virgin until your married: you don't need to find other ways to make your wedding special.

Was that too presumptuous?

I've been meaning to share this comment related to the bare shoulder crowd quip: Earlier in July, I was catching up on posts after my vacation and read the explosive post about the violin hair cut. Then I was assisting at our Diocesan youth camps and was thinking the whole time: Timman should be here.

In the pool? Men and women wear dark shirts and shorts must go below the fingertips.

On the field? Same shorts rules, no tank tops or sleeves rolled up or sleeves cut off.

At closing Mass with the Bishop? Sunday dress- no shorts, collars for the guys. If they didn't have a nice shirt they could at least wear the camp t-shirt, which was a Catholic purity or a saint t-shirt.

We might get messy in the games but we're serious about our chastity.

just wondering said...

Do you think that they will regret trading that holy moment of grace for a fast game of "Twister"? I was just wondering...

Latinmassgirl said...

Was this a wedding or a really, really BAD music video? What shocked me was that most of the blind or just plain not-so-smart viewers actually liked it!!! Another reason to be a Roman Catholic. . .

P.S. To Father Andrew:

Modesty in swimwear might be making a comeback! I saw two girls at the pool and their mom last week and they had colorful swim shirts with short sleeves and swim shorts down to their knees, all worn over a one piece suit, of course. The three little boys had swim shirts and down to the knees swim shorts. They looked comfortable, cute, safe from the sun and modest.

Okay, so it was my children and I – but it's a start!

Aaron said...

I was thinking along similar lines as HSMom: Maybe they couldn't afford a reception, so they decided to do their dancing during the wedding? No, probably not.

More and more I think this era is characterized by frivolousness.

Anonymous said...

Noticed that 8.8 million people have already seen this Youtube clip. That's because it is truly so different than anything else out there.

Secondly, this couple could have a great marriage. They obviously have a sense of humor and are surrounded by supportive family and friends. Then again, what a let-down the rest of the service must have been after such a fun-loving start.

Finally, this is one of those things that remind me that we are definitely of a different generation. I'm sure our parents railed against some of our wedding attire and practices, e.g. powder blue tuxes with ruffled shirts, huge lamb-chop sideburns, and Afro hair. Their parents were probably equally shocked when people would dance the scandalous "Hootchie-Cootchie." Thankfully, none of this on the video was perverted - just clean fun for a much younger generation trying to show the world that their wedding would be "special." And that, it was.

Anonymous said...

Fr. Andrew and LMG,
I'm having a real difficult time trying to figure out why you think that kids' swim gear is "immodest."

One of the definitions of being modest is a "prudish avoidance of sexual explicitness." The question needs to be asked: Do you find kids swimming in a swimming pool to be something sexual?

Please let me know - I will do all I can to keep my kids safe by avoiding the two of you like the plague!


Fr. Andrew said...

LMG- on a logistical note, of what are the swimming shirts made? Most of our campers were wearing cotton-poly blend tees, which drained a fair bit of water from the pool/hut tub. It seems synth fabrics would be better but possibly immodest due to other "clinging" properties. Just curious!

Fr. Andrew said...


I find few things sexually concerning regarding swimming, what I, LMG, and others find concerning is the sexuality expressed in certain swimwear. Furthermore, this provision at our youth camp is done primarily for the campers: teenage boys and girls are very concerned with appearance, attractiveness, and attention.

While we don't frown on those things in general, we do and should when they are done in an immodest way. I remember my own confusion as a teenager: "who am I, what is life about, who loves me?" Immodest clothing compounds the confusion of youth. Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.--2 Cor. 3:17. When hearts and minds fall into sinful thoughts there is no freedom to sort through the confusion of youth. Bikinis and low cut (front and back) one pieces are meant to accentuate the feminine form as sexually desirable- talk to Sports Illustrated about their best selling issue.

Further and more alarmingly, young girls are being taught to use their body- not as a temple of the Holy Spirit but as a material means of advancement in the world. If you would like a non-biased look at this see: PBS Frontline's "Merchants of Cool," especially the section on the "Midriff." ***WARNING SOME WILL FIND OBJECTIONABLE***

Here, PBS reports on early 2000's marketing, in this section focusing on girls/women. The "Midriff" is PBS's own term for the way young women have been marketed since Brittany Spears. Here are some quotes for those who won't want to watch. "The "Midriff" is consumed by appearances...and is the same old sexual cliches repacked as empowerment. I am a sexual object, says the Midriff, and I use it for my advantage. Your body is your best asset, flaunt it even if you don't understand it."

The girls and boys of today need to be taunt the the sacredness of the human body in opposition to the spirit of the age.

Delena said...

I was in a hurry when I posted it, so my only comment was that it shocked me to find this clip. My exact thoughts were:

1.) Wow...I can't believe their wedding party went along with that!

2.) What are they going to do at the reception now? That would have been a GREAT intro. to the reception!

3.) How awkward was it when the music faded and everyone was just standing around, breathing hard, trying to catch their breath? How does the minister proceed after that? "So, uh, well...huh, I guess you're getting married?"

4.) I hope they take their marriage as seriously as they do the procession into the wedding!

Latinmassgirl said...

Dear Shocked,

I am surprised and disappointed that you think children's clothing can't be immodest! Most normal people don't look at children's bodies, but have you ever heard of pedophiles?

It is also very prudent to have your children dress modestly in order to learn what is proper dressing, and what isn't. They will grow to respect their bodies as well as others, which leads to virtue and purity in mind and body.

Parents who naively think that little girls look cute dressed like immodestly, (or boys) are just exploiting them, and placing them in potential danger. (without intending to)

The human body is a temple of the Holy Spirt and is meant to be treated with dignity and respect from birth on. Dressing modestly only enhances the dignity of your child, which is the goal of most parents. I'm sure you would agree with that.

Latinmassgirl said...

Fr. Andrew,

The swimming shirts are meant to be worn over a swimming suit for sun protection and they are made of a lycra blend, they dry quickly and keep them warm. They make them for men too, which is something I'm sure most women would like to see, instead of bare pot bellies. :)

The girl's and women's shirts are most amazing. They feel like swimming suit material, but are thicker and repel water.

If anyone is interested, they are available at Land's End. The more expensive ones for girls or ladies are the thicker, water repellant kind, and worth the money.

thetimman said...

To the Anonymous coward who likes to slander Catholic priests:

I hope the joy you receive in making such comments that will never be published on this site is worth the price you will eventually pay for making them. I suggest for the good of your soul that you go to confession. In the meantime, go anywhere else but here.

L.G. said...

The saddest part of this wedding video: the bride's entrance was anti-climatic. Her dance should have been the most beautiful. Every bride should be the center of attention at her own wedding.

All the same, I hope that 15 years from now, when "Kevin and Jill" show this wedding video to their 8 children, they will all have a good laugh: "What could we have been thinking?!"

Marriage Defender said...


You are too kind. The couple won't be around for fifteen years. I give them three years tops. They definitely won't have eight children, unless they have a conversion. (Anything is possible.)

The dance was gross, self-absorbed, and in extremely poor taste. If they think the most important day of their lives is just an in-your-face MTV-like performance, then they will live as such. Enjoying the hedonistic pleasures of life.

I hate to see all of the robotic youth who will bow to the master of "trendiness" and follow this new blow to the sacredness of Holy Matrimony.

Anonymous said...

Fr. Andrew: God reward you! You give me hope.

The most cherished possessions anyone(male or female) has are their purity and innocence. Many of us that were teens in the sixties were nothing but useful idiots. We gave them away for nothing.

thetimman said...

To the anonymous who sent the confidential communication:

Thanks for the further reply. I understand your point; your general concern is certainly valid. I also wasn't addressing your comment, but someone else's (I think) unless that attempted comment was not signed as your previous ones.

My problem with that comment (the one I didn't publish) was with the specific subject of the complaint and the manner of phrasing. If you wish to have a more specific exchange, you can email me-- my email is at the side of the blog.

Samantha said...

1st - Delena I agree....I actually like this song and it would have been such a cool reception intro, I can't believe they thought that was appropriate!

2nd - My husband and I looked over the video and were trying to figure out what religion it possibly could be...obviously with the woman officiant it's not Catholic (or I should hope not, but I've heard some stories) but the "sanctuary" of the church is similar to SOME Catholic churches I've seen before any ideas?

L.G. said...

Hi Marriage Defender,

I agree with you about the dance: It's gross and not beautiful.

My comment was made with the hope of this couple's conversion. Imagine what they will say when they look back on this as Catholics! What struck me in watching the video is that we know their names and that, at some natural level, they want to be husband and wife to one another.

To date their wedding video has been viewed more than 11 million times on the Internet. I hope that means there are many Catholics among those 11 million plus viewers who will be moved to pray for these real people, Jill and Kevin, that they will be converted.

Statistically, Jill and Kevin’s chances of having a lasting marriage in this day and age aren’t very good, but maybe – ironically - their Internet exposure will get them lots of prayers for a lasting, sacramental marriage. Wouldn't that be something?!

Sarah said...

I don't despair for this couple's marriage yet. To them, the dance number was likely an expression of their joy and enthusiasm for marriage.

For what it's worth, my parents had tambourines, guitars, and burlap banners at their wedding Mass. 27 years and 5 children later, their marriage is still strong and they are more Catholic than ever. Sometimes people have just been conditioned into thinking silly things are meaningful.