26 August 2009

1976 Propaganda--Stock Up Now!


Athanasius Magnus said...


Anonymous said...

I was more frightened by the way people dressed back then than by the actual message!!!

The most painful truth is in the 2nd ad which shows how people pass it on. Most people are infected and spread flu around unknowling for about 24 hours before they feel sick. Health care workers will be the first to receive vaccines. It is highly recommended that teachers and others who work with lots of people get vaccinated asap too. (Wouldn't it be nice to make a law where health insurance company executives cannot be vaccinated? The same people who gladly take our money, but become terribly stingy on paying bills?)

FYI, make sure you know the difference between the flu and a cold. In essence, colds come on slowly, while the flu feels like someone suddenly hit you with a baseball bat.

My biggest nightmare now is that if I get N1N1, I might suddenly start dressing like these people!

Samantha said...

I'm sorry I can't take this seriously, because every time they show someone with swineflu, it looks like they may have just eaten some bad Mexican food or something!