27 August 2009

CWR: Long Time Coming for the Post-Christian Sisters

Due to space and formatting problems, I have had to scrub the article and instead will give the link, here, to a very informative and important article on the lead-up to the visitation of the women religious orders.


Anonymous said...

Very difficult to read - can you change the font color to white?

thetimman said...

Sorry-- it is a problem I sometimes have when posting from home on the mac. I have given the link, but could convert the text for some reason without margin issues.

Thanks for the heads up.

StGuyFawkes said...

Don't even try to fix the font. It doesn't matter. Coherant sentences is phallo-centric and masculinist and linear and rigid and anti-Earth. Gaia delights in the suprise of asyntactical expression.

The article all chopped up better represents the logic of nun-sense better than the article as written.