21 August 2009

Feast of St. Jane Frances Fremiot de Chantal

"May we love and serve the Lord reverently with a loving, filial fear of offending our heavenly Father and of displeasing Jesus, our Divine Beloved. As long as we are in this life, we would do well to follow the well-traveled ways to holiness. Fear of God is the first step on this path. We cannot maintain a truly productive desire of serving God unless we have a holy fear of displeasing Our Savior and of being negligent in responding to grace and inspirations.

May all our actions, words, thoughts, and spirit be centered in God, on God, and for God! Let us keep our passions well-disciplined and our spirit pure and faithful. Fidelity to our way of life will help us keep our thoughts centered on God. Then our words will be an inspiration to family, friends, and acquaintances.

Let us do everything in a spirit of peace and love! Attracted by the example and virtues of Jesus Christ our Lord who did the will of His Father, let us walk and even run in the way of God's divine will, not letting ourselves be pulled and pushed about like puppets. Unless we do everything lovingly from a sincere and simple desire for God's glory and the salvation of the world, we will never succeed in obeying this Divine Will. Instead, we will render fruitless the graces of our way of life."

A blessed feast day to all who strive to follow the example of St. Jane Frances Fremiot de Chantal and St. Francis de Sales--and who hold these saints' teachings dear.

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jane chantal said...

Thank you for posting this, Timman :-)

St. Jane, a mother and a widow, was an inspiration to me when I was widowed several years ago. I was, and am, deeply impressed that in founding the Visitation order, she wished to provide an oppotunity to women like herself, who were no longer in the fulness of youth and vigor, to serve God in a special way.

It gladdened my heart to learn that Sister Rosalind Moss would be spending a year with a community of Visitation Sisters and making a pilgrimage with them to Annecy, France. I pray that her heart will be comforted and her spirit invigorated during this time.