22 August 2009

Now Here's the Thing

A while back I posted about a classic homeschool moment when my family saw Julius Caesar at Shakespeare in the Park.

But you can't get Shakespeare every night, right?

Well, thanks to Methodist Jim I picked up two tickets to the Rams preseason game last night. I would have said "good seats", but when the Rams play as poorly as they did against the Falcons, the farther the better. I took The Boy with me.

Scene: First quarter, Falcons running through the Rams defense like a hot knife through butter.

After their second touchdown, I turned to The Boy and said something to the effect that it wasn't going very well.

His immediate response was to quote from the Constable of France and Bourbon on the field of Agincourt in Shakespeare's Henry V--

"Why, all our ranks are broke... Shame and eternal shame, nothing but shame!"

I said, "Boy, how many 12-year olds here tonight are quoting Shakespeare, do you think?"

"I dunno."

And there you have the good and bad of homeschooling in one fell swoop. I was proud of The Boy, and yet glad he wasn't in school so he avoided the inevitable beating of any egghead who would quote Shakespeare at a football game.


Thus far, with rough and all unable pen,
Our bending author hath pursued the story,
In cavernous Dome confining mighty men,
Mangling by starts the full course of their glory.

Small time (we left in the 3rd quarter); but in that small most greatly lived
This star of homeschool. Fortune made his sword;
By which the world's worst preseason game he observed,
And for it left his sisters at home.

Middle daughter, next in line for free perks,
will this Boy succeed;
Whose homework so many have the managing,
That they lost the perks, and made this sister seethe.

Which oft our stage hath shown; and for her sake,
In your fair minds let this acceptance take.


HSMom said...

Good for The Boy! I love it!!

Sounds like the Rams could use good King Harry's St. Crispin's Day speech in the locker room before next game!

Methodist Jim said...

Tim Man, for what it's worth, you're welcome.

HSMom, the Rams might need English longbows in addition to the rousing speech.

Alison said...

Congratulations on having such a wonderful son. You just have to love homeschooling children.