20 August 2009

This is Why You May Want to Think Twice before Taking the Mainstream Media's Word for It on Healthcare or Anything Else

The intrepid Colleen Hammond has a most enlightening post on the reality of the media versus reality in changing reality by distorting reality when covering reality.

My purpose in posting this story is NOT to discuss the propriety, legality or wisdom of carrying a gun in a place where it is legal to do so but where it will almost certainly be used to discredit the movement the carrying person supports. Please don't comment on this aspect.

My purpose is to highlight the media's propaganda efforts on behalf of this administration. Stalin would be proud of these guys.

Look at the above photos, and notice the person carrying the weapon. Then watch this story:

But remember, the plan won't include abortion coverage or "death panels". I saw it on the news.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I don't rely on MSNBC for my news. This is just laughable.

color blind said...

Liberals are the most prejudice, people around. All they can think of and talk about is Obama's color! Who cares what color he is? He is a socialist liberal, destroying our country, and could be neon orange and most wouldn't notice. Actions are what counts, and all presidents are accountable, no matter what the color of their skin is.

Maybe these media idiots are blind?!!?? Oh, no it is the blinders they are wearing...He didn't look like a white man to me, but a black man. In fact he looked like he wasn't just a bystander, but maybe a CIA agent or something. I wonder who he was?

cp said...

I <3 AR-15's.

Fenian said...

It is sad how they not only view this issue through a racial prism, but distort the facts to fit their view.

On a side note, I am currently reading Juan Williams' book "Enough". It is an amazing book on racial politics in this country.

just wondering said...

i knew the race card was coming to get the healthcare train rolling but i didn't know it would be this soon.

Colleen Hammond said...

Does anyone remember the term "yellow journalism"? It's when the media will sensationalize, over-dramatize, or exaggerate just to get ratings. Instead of being disgraceful, present day journalists use yellow journalism as their guide!!!

PMKD said...


Did you not mean to use the word 'nug?'


Anonymous said...

First, what an idiot for the guy to think he can get anywhere near any president fully armed like that. Nor would any of us want someone like that walking into our churches - that's for sure!

The story as edited is missing contextual info. Was the guy part of a right-wing, heavily armed militia like we see in southwestern MO? Was he a member of the KKK? It sounds like he was part of a group of people who showed up, all carrying guns - WHO is this group, and what was their purpose for being there?

IF this was the 'full report,' then it is terribly poor journalism. But, IF The Media Resource Center, a definitely partisan group, edited a 4-5 minute story to get this 1:34 of selected comments, then that's totally not fair either. You will notice at exactly the 1:05 mark something was definitively edited out - immediately after the comment about 'hate groups.' (Maybe it's like the 16 minutes worth of erased Watergate tapes that Nixon gave Congress?)

Can anyone find the full story as posted by MSNBC? Or are we to be left with out-of-context sound bytes?

thetimman said...

Last anon,

Are you asking whether that African-American man is a member of the KKK? Really? Are you a fan of the Chapelle show?

Samantha said...


Anonymous said...

Am I missing something here? The guy trying to carry the semi-automatic and hand-gun "to visit" with the president is white.

The Chapelle-wanna-be on MSNBC obviously is black.

Maybe I'm taking Samantha out of context, but as an outside observer, BOTH are idiots!

Latinmassgirl said...

Last Anonymous,

Why on earth do you think this armed black man is a member of the klan? The klan is against blacks and they can't join. Only white men, such as the Democrat Senator in congress, Robert Byrd can be members, or former members of the KKK.

We don't know why this one black man was carrying a gun, but I bet he was the ONLY one there, or we would have seen the others - especially IF THEY WERE WHITE MEN!

The state-run-media is practicing yellow journalism at it's highest, as Colleen Hammond pointed out. I do remember learning in my journalism class in College how it was considered dishonorable in the past. Now, it is the norm.

cp said...

Perhaps it's a kinder, gentler KKK?

thetimman said...

Anon, you are missing something-- the man with the semi-automatic rifle is pictured above, and is black (the quote about "visiting" is specious and I will leave it alone). The video plays with a tight shot of him to show only his clothes and gun, no flesh. Then cuts to a white guy.

Thus your confusion, intentionally caused by our "liberal" friends in the media.

thetimman said...

The Wallaces said--

Tim, I like the Clayton Bigsby reference.

(Sorry David, I couldn't post that link. No way.)

Athanasius Magnus said...

I go out dressed like that every day, how come I don't get any publicity?

Seriously, though... the media (aka government) is just absolutely sickening. I tend to liken them as little children who keep pushing and pushing just to see what they can get away with. The only difference is that with children, they only want candy, whereas these people want absolute destruction of our nation. Or something like that.

just wondering said...

one thing i would like to note about this whole gun toting dabaucle is that i have watched on you tube just about every video with this black gentleman posted, and there are several where he is chanting, "healthcare now". which brings to mind from an earlier post a term used - statist thugs. he also stated in an abc interview that he was from another state(acorn alert). could this be a "community organizer"? i was just wondering...

Anonymous said...

Timman, thanks for clarifying because, looking at the pix, I thought it was the white guy packing heat. Mea Culpa.

No excuse for anyone to be armed like that, much less around any president. And no excuse for the diatribe the Chapelle-wanna-be displayed on MSNBC.

Thomas Friedman was right in a graduation talk he gave at Wash U. He said one of the worst things happening in America (saying this about 10 years ago) is that instead of getting semi-unbiased news, with the advent of the internet and the polarization of the media, we can hide ourselves with only the news that already feeds our pre-conceptions.

Thus, the liberals can read the NYTimes, listen to Bernnie Ward and Al Franken, while the conservatives can watch Fox and listen to the likes of Hannity, Beck and Limbaugh. His thesis was that few have the guts to challenge themselves and truly listen to the other side.

There was a time when politicians voted for their constituents, when midwestern states banded together to help farmers, be they dems or reps. The northeastern states banded together to help larger metro areas, and the west banded together for various other reasons. Dems and Reps would argue during the day in the House and Senate, then carpool home together. Do any of us think such civility exists today? (Don't answer, because no matter which side you're on, you'll surely blame the other for this mess we're stuck in!)

MP said...

Politics have been nasty in the US, since the founding of our country. Being kind, holding hands and caving in to the radical liberal left is not the way for conservatives, who are 40% of Americans to save our country. Unfortunately, they are always trying to make friends with the radical left, and all they get is a stab in the back.

The Democrats never bend to the right, even when 84% of the American people are pleased with their insurance and do not want their radical government takeover of our healthcare.

Fox news channel features both sides of an issue on their talk shows, such as O'Reily and the former Hannity and Combs, and just report the unbiased news like real reporters on the regular news shows. They get bashed by Obama because they have the audacity to not be his personal, press secretaries like the state-run-media.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, MP, for proving my point. Both sides blame the other for our current polarization.

The statistic that "84% of Americans are pleased with their insurance" is absolutely laughable. Seriously, when was the last time you've had to deal with an insurance company??? Who do you know that loves their's???

Hint - insurance co.s are great at collecting money, but typically are pretty dismal at paying it out. And you talk about beaurocracy!!! Ask any doctor's office in America if they are "pleased" with having to work with insurance companies, and I can bet over 90% will scream "NO!" Most doctors would prefer a single-payer system, provided they get paid the same amount they're being paid now for providing their services, and provided they can still practice medicine with a free hand.

The statistic I think you meant to give is that 84% of Americans have health care. 16% of American children, women and men to NOT. That's a little over 46 million people without it - a dismal number for the wealthiest country on the planet.

To say that Fox features "both sides of an issue" on their talk shows, incl. O'Reily and Hannity & Combs, is like saying that Move-On, Acorn, and Al Frankin are offer the same unbiased news. It is not biased to you because they affirm your already-held beliefs, and therefore seem unbiased, just like the people on the left would say Move-on provides unbiased coverage.

As long as you're tossing out statistics, here are two that show we truly need bi-partisan support to correc the issues in America:

Only 41% of Americans approve of the job Obama is doing, and even less, 21%, approve of the job that the Republicans in Congress are doing.

There are very serious issues out there. I don't care who fixes them - I just want them fixed!

just wondering said...

to any who think HR3200 may be the answer to the healthcare problem, i would encourage you to google AmericanThinker, not sure if it is dot org or com, but there is a very interesting article on there written by an Atlanta MD titled ObamaCare and me, in the MD archives. i looked him up in the Atlanta Yellow Pages, seems legit and well worth reading.

Anonymous said...

MP said "84% of Americans are pleased with their insurance."

New polls show just the opposite:

Americans give lower marks to their health insurer than they do to their life insurer, their auto insurer or their bank, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

Even the Postal Service gets better marks! (Cable companies, however, get worse ones.)

Maybe you're in love with your insurance co, but please don't project that on the rest of us! :)