26 August 2009

What Do You Know

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I had a friend who was involved in the Missouri Catholic Conference's annual lobby day effort last year on an important pro-life bill under consideration by the Missouri Senate.  A group of Catholic citizens, led by the conference leadership, went to Jefferson City to talk to their representatives and senators about the bill.  It was not unusual for lawmakers who were in session to briefly exit the chambers to meet and greet the group and discuss their positions and concerns with the bill.

Needless to say, my friend was not sanguine about the chances of Jeff Smith supporting a pro-life bill--he was a well-known supprter of the legalized killing of innocent babies in the womb.  But, like on most bills, there was hope he could support this- or that- portion of a bill that might make its way to a vote as an amendment to other bills.  Even if not, it is common courtesy to meet with one's constituents.

Well, this friend was in the Senate lounge with other citizens, and several senators on both sides of the issue had been in and out to discuss the matter.  When Senator Smith was asked to come out to meet his constituents, there was a delay.  Then, he looked out, on tiptoes presumably, to see which group it was that wanted to see him.  One look must have told him what he needed to know--he stiffed the Catholic Conference.  My friend was not terribly impressed with his fortitude.

Today, I awoke to check the local paper breaking down in inkstained tears over the sad fall of this same former Senator:

Once high-flying political star Jeff Smith was brought low by lies.


Anonymous said...

What a soap opera! I don't think I have ever even seen a television drama that was as convoluted and unbelievable as this mess was.

It wasn't that hard to see that Smith was in far over his head from the beginning. (And no, I didn't mean that as a pun.)

Note to self, or anyone else with (at least) half a brain: Never, ever, ever, sign an affadavit to the Feds.

Hopefully, Smith can turn his life around in prison. Maybe this will scare him straight. (Again, no pun intended.)

He could use our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Well, MO is trying to play catch-up to IL, but Blago is still far ahead in the sleeze category.

Still, its refreshing to hear a charge other than another boring adulterous affair while the wife was pregnant or suffering some fatal disease...

Smith had the world in front of him. Most of his childhood pictures were of him playing basketball - he was always the only Caucasian on the team. Law Degree, and then he became an adjunct professor at Wash U.

His abortion stance was immoral, [but no state congressman has even the remotest possibility of overturning the horrors of Roe v Wade. Anton Scalia, one of our heroes, even says it won't be overturned because of the precedent and Stare Decisis.]

As much as people try to peg him a wild liberal, he did fight for some conservative causes, e.g. pushed strongly for school vouchers, brought in legislation to support pre-K for inner city kids, and helped start a charter school. He had an honest shot at being mayor - if only he were truly honest though.

Wish he had used his Latin: If he had said 'Mea Culpa' to the Feds the first time around, he might not have had to resign in disgrace!