27 September 2009

Because Parents Have Too Much Influence Already

More school: Obama would curtail summer vacation


Concerned mom said...

More time for indoctrination. Cuba children over 10, are expected to live at school, which includes working in the fields part of the day. Then their parents can visit them on the weekends.

Maybe Obama can take our children away and have them working for ACORN during part of the day so they can learn the valuable skill of community bullying - oops I meant organizing.

Anonymous said...

He's just making good on his promise made last March. They know best ... just ask them.

Reason 812 that home education, when taken seriously, is the superior choice. When parents put into heroic practice their responsibility as their child's primary educator, and are willing to give both quality and quantity time to their child's educational development through personal and active involvement, it is then that the child blossoms and excels.

Augment that with like-minded families working in cooperation with each other to this common goal then do we find the well rounded child properly formed in every subject foundational to their maturity as children of God and as contributing citizens.


TGL said...

Ask any teacher. Summer breaks have been growing shorter gradually for the last 20 years. Students in Europe and Asia spend a great deal more time in class than do American children. To lay this at the feet of President Obama is wildly inaccurate. But I guess it fits into the world view you have constructed for yourself and, unfortunately, for your homeschooled children.

thetimman said...

TGL, thanks for the remonstrance. When I eventually tell my homeschooled children about the invention of electricity, I will advise them to check out your comment on the blog.

Until then, back to the mine!

Anonymous said...

Tigl - Why anyone would want to model or emulate themselves after Europe is beyond me.

Look at the numbers. Home educated children excel in virtually every academic field and are consistently well rounded, contributing citizens.

There are many a good teacher and educator who give their hearts into their work because of the love for what they do. They by and large are not the issue. What is the issue are the agendas which we, as home educators, object to.

Home educators produce better results. Maybe your Obama friend should tap that resource for ideas.


Latinmassgirl said...

When my husband and I were in Kazan, Russia a few weeks ago we were pleased to see the Russian students parading to school on their first day, Sept 1st. The students all wear uniforms for PUBLIC schools - the boys suits and the girls modest skirts and blouses and vests or sweaters.

Here is the part that just knocks down the theory that more time in school equals a better education: The students hours are 8:00 am until 1:00 PM- 5 hours!

We don't know if it is the same in all of Russia, but I suspect it could be as they don't have differences between the larger cities. Russia scored higher than the US in both math and science, so the shorter hours didn't hurt them!

Maybe they don't waste time with self-esteem building or learning about "global warming".

Mitch said...

They claim that our current school calendar is based on the agrain cycle, so instead of changing the calendar lets send kids to work on farms! Not little kids, but why don't high schoolers go to work at farms for a month or two each summer? This would signifigantly reduce need for undocument workers on farms, teach kids valuable lessons about hard work, and keep their minds & bodies active. Heck thats what tons of teenagers did for work in places like central washington up into the 70's when the State government started chartering busses to bring illegal immigrants up to Washington state.

But then again I doubt a bunch of farmers are going to sing the praises of our illustrious leader so that out.

Anonymous said...

Some school districts already have changed the whole calendar year to address the "summer slump." Statistics show that children's ability to read, do math, comprehend, etc. all have fallen by the end of summer, so that the first month or so of fall classes is an attempt to get these areas back up to where the students were before summer let out. That's why a number of progressive schools have chosen to move into the tri-mester concept, where instead of one 12 week summer break, there is a 6 week summer recess, and two 3-week breaks (fall and spring.) The academic score results for these children do show significant results over those who still have the 12 week summer break.

But heh, why let test results and creative ways to help educate our children get in the way of a cheap shot on some sort of right-wing conspiracy that Obama has some sort of "agenda" here!

Anonymous said...

If only ALL parents were as good as those above who are truly interested in their children's education, who are well-educated enough to pass that education on to their children, who have the finances to be able to stay home, who could afford not having to work 2-3 jobs to make ends meet, and who were as passionate about their children as they are!

Sadly, while you have to have a driver's license to drive, there are no requirements whatsoever to become a parent. The reality is that teenagers do get pregant and have children without any ability to educate them. And the spiral of poverty continues.

98% of Cubans are literate, despite their rampant poverty. The rate in America varies, with 79% being the lowest rating, while the census bureau says our "functional literacy rate" is 87%. In other words, many Americans would have a hard time reading the directions on giving their sick child the right amount of Tylenol if they get sick.

Every modern president has made an effort to improve the education of American citizens. But again, because it is THIS president, is your take that this isn't patriotic but Stalinistic to try to educate Americans?

Get back to basics! said...


Our failed public schools has little to do with hours taught and more to do with what is taught and how it is taught. Our biggest impediment is there is too much power in the NEA who's leaders are not truly as interested in education like they are in liberal, left-wing politics, which include supporting the gay agenda, global warming and tree-hugging.

School choice = competition = a better education.

TGL said...

"Our biggest impediment is there is too much power in the NEA who's leaders are in liberal, left-wing politics, which include supporting the gay agenda, global warming and tree-hugging." Sir or Madam, if that's the best you can do in terms of rebutting the previous anonymous (who by the way, hit the nail right on the head), I suggest you go back to school. You need it badly.

Back to Basics. said...


Do you dispute that our public schools are run by the NEA? If you do, then you are naive at best.

Do you also not know that children are wasting time - sometimes whole weeks focusing on global warming, how to save the trees, and other plants or animals and how to tell your parents how to protect our earth?

What about the sex education courses? Do you think that helps their math results? Do you think learning about homosexuality and transgender dressing and allowing groups to come into schools that encourage children to explore their sexuality is important for science scores?

Last but not least, what about learning to chant the praises to Obama? Is all this helping our children in learning the basics?. I think not.

Alison said...

I am with Back to the Basics. Even though it was buried in the article, the press pointed out the American chldren actually spend more hours in school than the children from countries who score better in math. Amazingly, Obama and his secretary of education's statement that American children spend less time in school is just plain wrong. Granted, I get things wrong too. Still, I am only responsible for the education of three children. Plus, we know who to sing our praises to each morning.

Peggy said...

Slate had a good article by a husband in a homeschooling family. They appear to be dyed in wool liberals. The mom quit her low-paying activist job, fired the nanny and began homeschooling. It's not just the morality and leftist subject matters that are at issue, it is also the over-institutionalizing of children that home-schoolers of all political and religious/moral persuasions are objecting to.