22 September 2009

Now That's Traditional

Above are two pictures of Otto von Habsburg, the rightful Emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, to the extent it still exists. His friends call him Archduke Franz Joseph Otto Robert Maria Anton Karl Max Heinrich Sixtus Xavier Felix Renatus Ludwig Gaetan Pius Ignatius of Austria.

Born in 1912, he is still alive as of this writing. The picture of him as a child was taken with his Uncle Franz Josef, the last ruling Emperor. As a side note, Franz Josef has Methodist Jim's favorite facial hair.

The Habsburgs have been barred by positive law from running for election in Austria, but perhaps that is soon to change. I'm guessing that the Obama supporters who lurk on this blog would be horrified by a return of Habsburg rule. After all, only one monarch at a time. From the UK Telegraph:

Habsburg family demands right to seek Austrian presidency


patrick finley said...

Is your thought this is more a nod to the old Holy Roman Empire? If memory serves me, the Austro Hungarian empire was the last link to that

Peggy said...

I was just posting about Catholic royalists last night, centering on Marie Antoinette, of the Hapsburgs, and the efforts to reclaim her reputation. I am wondering if some are seeking a cause for sainthood for her, as a martyr? Was she a martyr for the faith? A martyr to radical secularisim? After all, the revolution was against the Church as well. I don't have answers yet. I am pondering "aloud" on my blog.

Samuel said...

Obama is gobbling up the private economy like PacMan on steroids.--El Rushbo

thetimman said...

Peggy, certainly the French Revolution was as satanic a movement as has existed, and its effects are still being felt. Its aim was the destruction of lawful authority, sacred and secular. In this sense Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI were certainly martyrs.

It is difficult to project what a monarchy means in the American context, as of course we have never experienced one. And that doesn't take in to account that if there is a legitimate monarch of the U.S., it is probably Francis II, Duke of Bavaria, as the heir apparent of the Stuart line.