19 September 2009

Rehashing the Connection between ACORN and the CCHD

The U.S. Bishops no longer fund ACORN, the group of fraud-perpetrating thugs who have been so very helpful to the current anti-life political administration.

Of course, this is after the Church gave this bunch $7.3 million. That's a lot of bake sales.

Ryan Ellis takes a look at the past-- his tone is a little too acerbic, in my opinion, but the facts could lead one to a little justifiable cynicism.

You can read the story if you like, at the link. Instead of dwelling on the bad decisions of the past, I prefer to be grateful it has come to an end. ACORN can't go away fast enough.

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Peggy said...

I do commend the USCCB for its promptness on defunding ACORN completely last fall. Ahead of the curve for once. Good on them!