30 October 2009

The Farce That is Democracy in America

I can do no better than copy the headline of the post in the Remnant where this video is linked. If this doesn't bother you, I don't know what else to say.

This is similar to the claim by the junta that the majority of citizens support socialized medicine, cap and trade, or whatever else is next on the agenda of what we're too stupid to know is best for us.

Reminder: Paul, Duke of Oldenburg to Speak at St. Francis de Sales Oratory Tomorrow at 2 p.m.

St. Francis de Sales Oratory is pleased to announce the visit of His Highness, Paul, Duke of Oldenburg, to the Oratory on Saturday, October 31, 2009. An inspiring speaker on various topics related to the Faith, His Highness will give a talk on “The Importance of Tradition” at 2:00 p.m. in the Oratory hall. A reception in the hall follows the talk.

A descendant of Queen Victoria and Czar Alexander II, Paul, Duke of Oldenburg, is a long-time friend and supporter of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest. In his native Germany, he is involved in a variety of political and social activities to promote the cause of family values in society. The Duke is married, and father to four young children.

Born in 1969 of one of the oldest Protestant royal lineages, His Highness converted to the Catholic Faith in 1999, and was received into the Church in Rome that year. It was the beauty of the traditional form of the Latin Mass that first brought him to explore the Catholic Church. Msgr. Schmitz, while still living in his native Germany, introduced the nobleman to this liturgy and instructed him along the way that eventually led him to enter the Catholic Church.

In My Other Life

I have recently hired a new accountant, moonlighting from the administration. And I thought readers would want to know that I have earned, or failed to squander, a million billion dollars today.

29 October 2009

Hooray for Low Vaccination Rates?

I am not a medical doctor. I don't play one on TV. Therefore, if this disqualifies me from stirring the pot a bit on the question of swine flu vaccine, feel free to go to the next post, or click on Regis and Kelly's homepage, or whatever floats your boat.

I have a friend who is a medical doctor, and he thinks it is insane to reject the flu vaccine. He believes it is safe, and the dangers of the swine flu are real.

I have another friend who is a medical doctor, and she won't get the vaccine. She isn't convinced of its safety, and isn't as concerned about the effects of the swine flu.

I have a third friend who has a pretend M.D., but her feelings on this subject are not known to me.

However, without further ado, here are excerpts from
an article for you to digest, from Lew Rockwell.com:

Low Flu Vaccination Rate Reveals Massive Repudiation of American Government

by Bill Sardi

The American government may have left itself exposed to revealing just how strongly the public opposes its flu vaccination campaign. For the first time Americans can count how many of its citizens opted for or against flu vaccination, and the numbers are appalling.

After months of drum-beating, that the so-called late-2009 season H1N1 "swine flu" could develop into a more severe pandemic with greater loss of life as the winter flu season approached, Americans have not bought into government-generated flu hysteria.

Americans are hearing just 22.4 million doses of flu vaccine are available, which is posed as a vast shortage. But news sources indicate only about 11 million Americans have been vaccinated to date, an underwhelming public response to the government's massive crusade to vaccinate up to 70–80% of the population (210–240 million Americans). That goal has been trimmed to 159 million, about half the population, and production delays mean millions of Americans would have to wait till the flu season is almost over to undergo inoculation next spring. Why get vaccinated at all?

What prompted the national emergency?

Did such strong opposition to flu vaccination prompt the President to announce a contrived national emergency, which really had nothing to do with public health or saving lives, but rather whether hospitals were going to be able to collect Medicare and Medicaid payments for flu-related illness.

Will government silence opposition to vaccination?

This flu season Americans are tapping into the internet to read and listen to alternate sources of information about the flu. Sources like the National Vaccine Information Center captained by Barbara Loe Fisher, Infowars.com by Alex Jones, and Radio Liberty by Dr. Stan Monteith, have led the charge.

Then health writers Shannon Brownlee and Jeanne Lenzer unleashed a scathing online article against flu vaccination in the November issue of Atlantic Magazine, a blow that could have pushed government to announce that it may shut down parts of the internet should a flu pandemic cause Americans to flood the internet.

Suddenly the General Accountability Office produces a report which warns that a severe pandemic could result in massive absentee rates at work and school, which in turn, could overload the internet with Americans who decide to spend their sick time at home on the internet. Bandwidth could be limited and the internet could crash, the report alleges. But this could be a veiled attempt to shut down opposition to government's flu vaccination program.

Hurry up, limited supply

The news media appears to be conducting a "cabbage patch doll" strategy where word of a limited supply of vaccine is being used to create a rush for the available remaining vaccine. Even that strategy doesn’t seem to be working.

Writer Maggie Fox for Reuters says "The US government may end up throwing away unused doses of swine flu vaccine if people cannot get it soon." But even with supply, public demand appears to be waning, if it ever existed at all.

Surveys show masses of Americans are wary of the vaccine, particularly the mercury (thimerosal) used as a preservative. This prompted Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to say more single-dose vaccine, which contains less mercury, would be ordered. Even then, the FDA said it would eliminate mercury from vaccines altogether. It’s still in there.

This suggests the vaccine is being made as public demand is being gauged. There may be no real shortage, just reluctance to produce billions of dollars of flu vaccine which the public doesn’t want. A delay in the delivery of vaccines could also result in greater flu deaths in what becomes a way to panic the public into vaccination.

In past flu seasons the government and vaccine makers lost money when vaccination rates were low and unused vaccine had to be discarded. About 120 million doses were anticipated by mid-October, but only about 40 million are anticipated for delivery.

Propaganda machine

The news media is going all out to unravel its propaganda machine in support of the government's flu agenda, but this time the public isn't falling for the ruse as they have in past flu seasons when the vaccine didn't even match the flu strain in circulation and single doses couldn't even produce sufficient levels of antibodies for many people, particularly those in high-risk groups.

Writer Rebecca Ruiz of Forbes.com fudged her numbers, quoting 3000 flu-related deaths and 29,000 hospitalizations, rather than the prior figures used when the President declared a national emergency (1000 deaths and 20,000 hospitalizations over an 8-month period). Ruiz and Forbes.com claim this is "America’s worst pandemic since the 1918 flu." But that is also a falsehood.

In fact, the worst flu outbreak since 1918 occurred in 1993 and isn’t even recorded on government timelines of flu outbreaks over the past nine decades. The 1993 flu catastrophe, which set back the life expectancy of Americans for the first time since 1918, was reported by Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports to have primarily stricken elderly nursing home patients late that year. This was the first year Medicare paid for flu shots for nursing home patients. It is obvious something very lethal was in that year’s flu shot that led to the premature demise of thousands of senior Americans.


Not everybody agrees

A fearful and ignorant public is what news media portray. So it is particularly irksome to health authorities when pediatricians in Collier County, Florida sign a letter refusing to promote swine flu because it is "unsafe." A spokesman for the group of doctors said: "This has been a more of a media marketing blitz than I think it's a real medical catastrophe."


28 October 2009

Local [Tabloid Newspaper] Covers Local [Pretend Priestess-to-Be]

I have hesitated to post on this for a few reasons.

First, the story, scandalous and sinful as it is, qualifies as somewhat of a bore. The ladies have been there, done that. How many dress-ups will we be forced to endure, anyway? From a newsworthiness perspective, my reaction is this: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Second, the RFT is at least as credible as the entire "womenpriest" movement.

Third, attention is what these people crave, and here I am giving it to them. Yee-haw.

In the end, though, the upcoming installment of the pretend ordination of the fairer sex (please, no emails), as covered by the RFT in the story below, did provoke in me the following observations:

  • Is there a regulation haircut for galpriests?
  • Does this poor deluded woman's former membership on the Board of the St. Louis Public Schools give us an insight on why they aren't so hot?
  • Does her former position as teacher in area parochial schools give us similar pause?
  • Based on the story, should we note a connection between the schismatic gals and the schismatic St. Stan's semi-Catholic land of heresy?
  • And, finally:
Is this:

The opposite of this?:

From the story at RFT Blog:

Third Local Woman to be Ordained a Roman Catholic Womanpriest

Marybeth McBryan, a former member of the St. Louis Public Schools Board of Education and current deacon at Therese of Divine Peace, will be ordained as a Roman Catholic Womanpriest this Sunday.


McBryan says she's prepared to face criticism from Roman Catholics and others who don't believe women have the right to deliver sacraments. "I don't believe that I'm in any position to judge anyone, so I kind of take the attitude that [my critics] aren't either. Nobody died and made them God."

McBryan is currently a real estate agent. She taught elementary school in a number of area parochial schools over the years and subbed for a time in the St. Louis Public Schools. She says she joined a convent in O'Fallon at age seventeen but left the sisterhood and later married.

McBryan says she raised her kids in the Roman Catholic Church and sent them to parochial schools. She has fallen in and out of the church at times, worshipping most recently at two institutions led by excommunicated priests: St. Stanislaus Kostka and Therese of Divine Peace.


"I have some really good friends who are priests, but they've been amazingly silent since they received my invitation," she says. "I know they wouldn't come to my ordination -- but not a word of congratulations or, Gee, how are you? None of that.

"It's just what we learn to live with."

Welcome to Our New Sister

The newest arrival to the U.S. house of the Adorers of the Royal Heart of Jesus Christ Sovereign Priest arrives this evening in St. Louis. I will have more information as it becomes public. Please keep all the sisters in your prayers.

It does the Catholic heart good to see this community take root so close to home. Praise God for His goodness!

Une Prière de Sainte Madeleine Sophie Barat

O Jésus, ma très douce vie, faisons, s’il
Vous plait, en pacte ensemble :

Que je meure si parfaitement à moi-
même, que Vous viviez seul en moi :

Que je garde un si profond silence,
que Vous parliez seul à mon cœur :

Que je me repose si pleinement en
Vous, que Vous seul opériez en mon
âme, selon Votre bon plaisir.

Ainsi, soit-il.

Archbishop Carlson Nominated to Stand for Election to USCCB Post

His Grace Archbishop Robert Carlson has been nominated for election to the Chairmanship of of the USCCB's Committee on Clergy, Consecrated Life and Vocations. The vote has yet to take place but will occur at the Bishops' meeting in November. From KMOX.com:

Archbishop Carlson in the running for prominent position

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) -- St. Louis Archbishop Robert Carlson has been nominated to head an influential committee at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

When America's bishops meet next month in Baltimore, one of the items they'll address is electing new officers. Archbishop Carlson has been nominated to run for chair of the Committee on Clergy, Consecrated Life and Vocations -- currently held by Boston Cardinal Sean O'Malley.

The committee assists bishops in promoting vocations in the church and addressing issues concerning the life and ministry of bishops. Also nominated for the position is Raleigh Bishop Michael Burbridge.

It's OK-- They're Only Christians

I wonder how many Mohammedan countries have laws to protect Christian minorities from feeling offended by those of the majority religion?

27 October 2009

Litany of St. Francis de Sales

Lord, have mercy on us.
Christ, have mercy on us.
Lord, have mercy on us.

Christ, hear us.
Christ, graciously hear us.

God, the Father in Heaven,
have mercy on us.
God the Son, Redeemer of the World,
have mercy on us.
God the Holy Ghost,
have mercy on us.
Holy Trinity, One God,
have mercy on us.

Saint Francis, admirable bishop,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, beloved of God,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, imitator of Jesus Christ,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, filled with the gifts of the Lord,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, favorite of the Mother of God,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, most devout of the saints,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, burning with love for the Cross of Christ,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, most closely united to the divine will,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, vessel of election,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, light of the Church,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, perfect model of religious,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, source of wisdom,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, defender of the Catholic Faith,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, good shepherd of thy people,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, incomparable preacher,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, scourge of heresy,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, salt of the earth,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, model of justice,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, mirror of humility,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, despiser of the world,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, lover of poverty,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, type of sweetness,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, conqueror of carnal passions,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, terror of devils,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, merciful support of penitents,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, refuge of sinners,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, providence of the poor,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, consoler of the afflicted,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, example of perfection,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, ark of holiness,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, imitator of the purity of the angels,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, cherub of wisdom,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, seraph of love,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, our holy patriarch,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, our sweet light,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, our mighty protector,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, our guide in the ways of God,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, our refuge,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, emulator of the angels,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, imitator of the Apostles,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, sharer in the glory of the martyrs,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, glory of holy confessors,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, teacher and director of virgins,
pray for us.
Saint Francis, glorious fellow citizen of all the saints,
pray for us.

Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world,
spare us, O Lord.
Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world,
graciously hear us, O Lord.
Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world,
have mercy on us.

Pray for us, O blessed Francis de Sales,
that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

Let us pray: O God, by Whose gracious will the blessed Francis, Thy confessor and bishop, became all things unto all men for the salvation of their souls, mercifully grant that being filled with the sweetness of Thy love, we may, through the guidance of his counsels and the aid of his merits, attain unto the joys of life everlasting. Amen.

Our Father... Hail Mary... Glory Be...

The Death of Outrage is the Hope of the Tyrant

Of course, few are outraged over this news item, due to the subject matter of the prohibited speech. But somebody please tell me why it is OK to fine someone $19,000 for having an opinion about an historical event, however erroneous that opinion may be.

So, a German Court fines a British subject $19,000 for questioning the number of those killed in the holocaust. What's next? A British Court fining the President of the Czech Republic for denying the global warming hoax? A Spanish Court fining a Canadian Bishop for pointing out the truth about the grave moral evil of sodomy? An American Court fining an Italian citizen for believing the Earth is the center of the solar system?

The answer is yes, all these will come. Why? Because no one will stand up for the universal right to express one's own opinion.

When will people care to do something about the encircling net of totalitarianism?

A Remarkable Sermon by a Methodist Minister on "Reformation" Sunday

Patrick Madrid posted this sermon on his site. Quite remarkable for a protestant pastor. Full sermon at the link, excerpts below:

I must begin by telling you that I do not like to preach on Reformation Sunday. Actually I have to put it more strongly than that. I do not like Reformation Sunday, period. I do not understand why it is part of the church year. Reformation Sunday does not name a happy event for the Church Catholic; on the contrary, it names failure. Of course, the church rightly names failure, or at least horror, as part of our church year. We do, after all, go through crucifixion as part of Holy Week. Certainly if the Reformation is to be narrated rightly, it is to be narrated as part of those dark days.

Reformation names the disunity in which we currently stand. We who remain in the Protestant tradition want to say that Reformation was a success. But when we make Reformation a success, it only ends up killing us. After all, the very name ‘Protestantism’ is meant to denote a reform movement of protest within the Church Catholic. When Protestantism becomes an end in itself, which it certainly has through the mainstream denominations in America, it becomes anathema. If we no longer have broken hearts at the church’s division, then we cannot help but unfaithfully celebrate Reformation Sunday.

For example, note what the Reformation has done for our reading texts like that which we hear from Luke this morning. We Protestants automatically assume that the Pharisees are the Catholics. They are the self-righteous people who have made Christianity a form of legalistic religion, thereby destroying the free grace of the Gospel. We Protestants are the tax collectors, knowing that we are sinners and that our lives depend upon God’s free grace. And therefore we are better than the Catholics because we know they are sinners. What an odd irony that the Reformation made such readings possible. As Protestants we now take pride in the acknowledgment of our sinfulness in order to distinguish ourselves from Catholics who allegedly believe in works-righteousness.

Unfortunately, the Catholics are right. Christian salvation consists in works. To be saved is to be made holy. To be saved requires our being made part of a people separated from the world so that we can be united in spite of — or perhaps better, because of — the world’s fragmentation and divisions. Unity, after all, is what God has given us through Christ’s death and resurrection. For in that death and resurrection we have been made part of God’s salvation for the world so that the world may know it has been freed from the powers that would compel us to kill one another in the name of false loyalties. All that is about the works necessary to save us.


The magisterial office — we Protestants often forget — is not a matter of constraining or limiting diversity in the name of unity. The office of the Bishop of Rome is to ensure that when Christians move from Durham, North Carolina to Syracuse, New York, they have some confidence when they go to church that they will be worshiping the same God. Because Catholics have an office of unity, they do not need to restrain the gifts of the Spirit. As I oftentimes point out, it is extraordinary that Catholicism is able to keep the Irish and the Italians in the same church. What an achievement! Perhaps equally amazing is their ability to keep within the same church Jesuits, Dominicans, and Franciscans.


This creates a quite different attitude among Catholics about their relation to Christian tradition and the wider world. Protestants look over to Christian tradition and say, ‘How much of this do we have to believe in order to remain identifiably Christian?’ That’s the reason why Protestants are always tempted to rationalism: we think that Christianity is to be identified with sets of beliefs more than with the unity of the Spirit occasioned through sacrament.


In contrast, Catholics do not begin with the question of “How much do we need to believe?” but with the attitude “Look at all the wonderful stuff we get to believe!” Isn’t it wonderful to know that Mary was immaculately conceived in order to be the faithful servant of God’s new creation in Jesus Christ! She therefore becomes the firstborn of God’s new creation, our mother, the first member of God’s new community we call church. Isn’t it wonderful that God continued to act in the world through the appearances of Mary at Guadalupe! Mary must know something because she seems to always appear to peasants and, in particular, to peasant women who have the ability to see her. Most of us would not have the ability to see Mary because we’d be far too embarrassed by our vision.


I realize that this perspective on Reformation Sunday is not the usual perspective. The usual perspective is to tell us what a wonderful thing happened at the Reformation. The Reformation struck a blow for freedom. No longer would we be held in medieval captivity to law and arbitrary authority. The Reformation was the beginning of enlightenment, of progressive civilizations, of democracy, that have come to fruition in this wonderful country called America. What a destructive story.


We know, after all, that the prophecy of Joel has been fulfilled. The portents of heaven, the blood and fire, the darkness of the sun, the bloody moon have come to pass in the cross of our Savior Jesus Christ. Now all who call on that name will be saved. We believe that we who stand in the Reformation churches are survivors. But to survive we need to recover the unity that God has given us as survivors. So on this Reformation Sunday long for, pray for, our ability to remember the Reformation – not as a celebratory moment, not as a blow for freedom, but as the sin of the church. Pray for God to heal our disunity, not the disunity simply between Protestant and Catholic, but the disunity in our midst between classes, between races, between nations. Pray that on Reformation Sunday we may as tax collectors confess our sin and ask God to make us a new people joined together in one might prayer that the world may be saved from its divisions.

(Stanley Hauerwas is the Gilbert T. Rowe Professor of Theological Ethics at Duke Divinity School.)

The Devil is in the Details

Earlier today, I posted on the press release issued by Children of God for Life concerning the use of aborted fetal cell lines to develop anti-wrinkle cream.

A reader was kind enough to email me with a story of her purchase of products from this company--unaware of the process used to make it. She luckily investigated it prior to use, and exchanged in some correspondence with the company. She forwarded the exchange below, which purports to be this correspondence.

I reprint this with the identifying information redacted; I have no reason to doubt the veracity of this correspondence, but I have no way of verifying it either. So, if you are sceptical, fine-- take it with a grain of salt. I post it not for the accuracy of the contents, but rather for the arguments contained in the response defending the product. I believe that many of these same anti-life arguments are used in the vaccine debates, and that they are deceptive and dangerous.

STL Catholic,

...I was 'persuaded' to purchase Neocutis from a salon in STL, w/ out knowing what was in the products. I felt an urge the entire way home to go online and investigate what I had just purchased. The Holy Spirit was at work in that one. I got home and emailed the company and this is the response I received from the president[]. I immediately returned the product, unopened. The lady argued w/ me that 'it was not what we thought it was in the product and that 'she' would never sell such a product in her salon'. *sigh* This needs to be exposed to others who do not know any better. Thanks for doing just that.
I did not reply to [] as I was at a loss for words. :-(

God Bless,


--- On Mon, 7/27/09, []wrote:

From: []
Subject: Re: contact online from NEOCUTIS
To: []
Cc: []
Date: Monday, July 27, 2009, 5:47 PM

Dear Ms. []:

Again thank you for your interest in NEOCUTIS -

First short answers to your questions, then the entire cell origin story:

The original cells used to create our cell bank were donated by the parents of a child that did not come to term. The person donating the original cells is not alive.

Hopefully the reality behind our research will help with your question - NEOCUTIS products are not produced from aborted babies or cells from aborted babies. The cells used to make our lysate are cultured and come from a cell supply stored in a Cell Bank. The original cells used to create this Cell Bank came from a one-time single sample of donated fetal skin. This means that the original cells came from donated fetal skin, but all of the cells used to make our products are actually produced in the laboratory and are cultivated in the Cell Bank. The research department at the University Hospital Lausanne in Switzerland was the beneficiary of the original donation in a manner completely independent of the decision to medically intervene. Privacy laws and medical ethics preclude us from revealing the identity and diagnosis of the child; but we can tell you that the parents were informed by their physician that their child would not come to term and that a continued pregnancy would endanger the mother’s life. The parents were obviously distraught. Compassionately, they made a decision to have something good come of this saddening reality. Together they made the informed decision to help others by donating their child’s tissues to further research. They approached the medical team at the University Hospital Lausanne about their wishes and shortly thereafter their donation was made.

NEOCUTIS, Inc. was co-founded by three Catholic gentlemen in late 2004. We licensed the PSP® technology that is associated with cultured fetal skin cells. You need to know that some of our early concerns about fetal cells were similar to yours. We questioned the source of the cells as well as the enduring supply.

In order to address my personal concerns, I went directly to the Vatican Archives and eventually the Society of Pius X. The latter because of their conservative views and beliefs related to medical and moral issues. The result of my moral research was the basis for my decision to join my partners and begin the development of products to treat burns and heal wounds.

The closest relevant issue addressed by the Vatican was found in a document entitled, “Moral Reflection on Vaccines Prepared From Cells Derived from Aborted Human Fetuses”, supplied by the PONTIFICA ACADEMIA PRO VITA. The information contained in this document provided an analogous situation for reflection and comparison. After studying this document and consulting with local religious figures, I felt comfortable with my decision.

The document is full of information. The essential message came down to the following passages for me:

“…as the same vaccines are prepared from viruses taken from the tissues of fetuses that had been infected and voluntarily aborted, and the viruses were subsequently attenuated and cultivated from human cell lines which come likewise from procured abortions, they do not ceased to pose ethical problems.

If someone rejects every form of voluntary abortion of human fetuses, would such a person not contradict himself/herself by allowing the use of these vaccines of live attenuated viruses on their children? Would it not be a matter of true (and illicit) cooperation in evil, a problem which arises every time that a moral agent perceives the existence of a link between his own acts and a morally evil action carried out by others.”

The major point of contention for me was the source of the original cells and process for maintaining a continuous supply. The operative words for me were voluntary and procured abortions.

The source of the original cells was a small piece of a skin sample from a child that would not and could not come to term. The termination of the pregnancy was not voluntary nor was it procured. Furthermore, the mother’s life was in danger. This called for medical action on the part of the parents and their attending physician.

The couple was obviously very distraught about this situation and the subsequent distress experienced by the mother. However, they had the presence of mind to talk with their physician and agreed to participate in the tissue and organ donation program at the University Hospital in Lausanne, Switzerland. Research at the Hospital was the direct beneficiary of the compassion of these parents. The original tissue donation to the Hospital was a 4 cm2 sample of abdominal skin.

The cells from this skin sample were cultivated to form the original cell line. This cell line led to the creation of a Cell Bank, which is dedicated to the perpetuation and production of skin cells. It is important to understand that this single, one-time-only skin sample provided the start of this Cell Bank. There has not been, nor will there ever be another skin sample required to maintain the enduing supply of cells.

It is therefore my strong belief that what we do at NEOCUTIS is not evil or immoral. We use cells from a dedicated cell bank that was created as a result of a donation. This donation was not the result of a voluntary or procured abortion.

Even though at this time, our business focuses primarily on Appearance Medicine rather than burns and wound healing, I feel that our pursuits are noble and worthwhile.

I hope my beliefs and research have shed new light on these issues for you. If you have any questions or require additional information, please call me on my private line at [].

Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2009 22:52:21 -0400
To: []
Subject: contact online from NEOCUTIS

Your products
Under the technology section it states: "medically terminated'' Terminated means 'to bring to an end'. What I'm asking is where did this fetal cell line originate and is this person alive who 'donated' it (the person who gave the cells)??
message envoyé depuis neocutis.com

Genocide is Only Skin Deep

Horrific stories abound in the headlines on any given day, but this statement from the ethical vaccine organization Children of God for Life details the most horrific kind. We abort our babies, we experiment with their bodies, we flush them down the drains, we leave them in dumpsters, we inject them, and we apparently even wear them:

Aborted fetal material used in anti-wrinkle cream

(Tennessee) Children of God for Life announced today that Neocutis, a bio-pharmaceutical company focused on dermatology and skin care is using aborted fetal cell lines to produce several of their anti-aging skin creams.

“It is absolutely deplorable that Neocutis would resort to exploiting the remains of a deliberately slaughtered baby for nothing other than pure vanity and financial gain,, stated Executive Director Debi Vinnedge. “There is simply no moral justification for this.”

For years Children of God for Life has been a watchdog on pharmaceutical companies using aborted fetal cell lines in medical products and they have received thousands of inquiries from the public on the use of aborted fetal material in cosmetics.

Until now, this was the first time they have encountered any company bold enough to put the information right on their own website and product literature. A quick investigation into the science behind the products revealed the shameless data.

Neocutis’ key ingredient known as “Processed Skin Proteins” was developed at the University of Luasanne from the skin tissue of a 14-week gestation electively-aborted male baby donated by the University Hospital in Switzerland. Subsequently, a working cell bank was established, containing several billion cultured skin cells to produce the human growth factor needed to restore aging skin.

The list of products using the cell line include: Bio-Gel, Journee, Bio-Serum, Prevedem, Bio Restorative Skin Cream and Lumiere. But Vinnedge is calling for a full boycott of all Neocutis products, regardless of their source.

“There is absolutely no reason to use aborted babies for such selfish motives,” Vinnedge said. “It is anti-life, anti-woman and counter-productive as Neocutis is about to find out!”

Children of God for Life is calling on rival cosmetic companies to take advantage of some free advertising by their company.

“We know there are companies using moral sources for collagen and skin proteins. We intend to publicly promote these other cosmetic companies competing with Neocutis that are willing to step forward and contact us.”

Meanwhile Vinnedge advises women who are using Neocutis products to throw them in the garbage and to contact the company to express their concerns.

In addition she advised, “Contact some of these competing companies and ask them to verify their products are morally produced. If they are willing to commit to it in writing, they will get our endorsement.”

Contact Neocutis:

Neocutis Inc.
3053 Fillmore Street # 140
San Francisco CA 94123
Phone: 1-866-636-2884

Further Information is published at the following links:





Just for the Record

This really doesn't fall under the "Catholic" umbrella, but this story appeared in today's Post-- it appears the story from yesterday is becoming a trend. Be careful out there.

Masked Gunmen Invade Metro East Home

26 October 2009

More Evidence that Gun Control Really Works

These gentlemen must have purchased their guns legally, right? And passed a background check, right? By the way, don't open the door if you don't know who it is.

From STLToday:

Man shot, 3 hurt in armed home invasion in St. Louis

By Carolyn Tuft

ST. LOUIS -- A St. Louis man was shot and three other people were injured when four masked gunmen forced their way into a house to rob them early today.

Police say that four black men -- wearing all black clothes, black masks and brandishing guns -- burst into the home at 12:20 a.m. today in the 5500 block of Oriole Avenue near Calvary Cemetery.

The four gunmen knocked on the door of the house. When one of the victims answered the door, the four men forced themselves inside, police said. They demanded money and property from the four victims, police said.

The gunmen assaulted the four people inside the home -- a 51-year-old man, a 32-year-old woman, a 27-year-old woman and a 23-year-old man, police said.

The gunmen then grabbed electronics and money and, as they fled, shot the 51-year-old man in the midsection. The victim was taken to an area hospital where he is in critical but stable condition, police said. The injuries and conditions of the other three victims were not released by police.

Police detectives are searching for the gunmen.

Statement of the PCED from the Holy See Press Office on Today's Meeting

From the Bolletino:

"On Monday 26 October 2009 in the Palazzo del Sant'Uffizio, headquarters of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and of the Pontifical Commission "Ecclesia Dei", the study commission made up of experts from "Ecclesia Dei" and from the Society of St. Pius X held its first meeting, with the aim of examining the doctrinal differences still outstanding between the Society and the Apostolic See.

In a cordial, respectful and constructive climate, the main doctrinal questions were identified. These will be studied in the course of discussions to be held over coming months, probably twice a month. In particular, the questions due to be examined concern the concept of Tradition, the Missal of Paul VI, the interpretation of Vatican Council II in continuity with Catholic doctrinal Tradition, the themes of the unity of the Church and the Catholic principles of ecumenism, the relationship between Christianity and non-Christian religions, and religious freedom. The meeting also served to specify the method and organisation of the work."

25 October 2009

Anglican Bishop-- "The Anglican experiment is over."

This story from the UK Telegraph was published yesterday, but reading it this evening, I am dumbstruck with the momentous developments of the past week. The statement above is made by a sitting Anglican bishop. And another sitting Anglican bishop is said to be considering conversion and reordination as a Catholic priest.

One stone to start the landslide?

Christ the King, exercise all Thy Sovereign Rights in the Church!

Senior Anglican bishop reveals he is ready to convert to Roman Catholicism

The Rt Rev John Hind, the Bishop of Chichester, has announced he is considering becoming a Roman Catholic in a move that could spark an exodus of clergy.

The Rt Rev John Hind, the Bishop of Chichester, has announced he is considering becoming a Roman Catholic in a move that could spark an exodus of clergy.
Hundreds of traditionalist clergy could join the exodus, though most are waiting for the exact details of the new apostolic constitution to be published Photo: CHRISTOPHER PLEDGER
Bishop Hind said he would be "happy" to be reordained as a Catholic priest and said that divisions in Anglicanism could make it impossible to stay in the church.

He is the most senior Anglican to admit that he is prepared to accept the offer from the Pope, who shocked the Church of England last week when he paved the way for clergy to convert to Catholicism in large numbers.

In a further blow to the Archbishop of Canterbury's hopes of preventing the Anglican Communion from disintegrating, other bishops have cast doubt over its survival.

The Rt Rev John Broadhurst, the Bishop of Fulham, even claimed that "the Anglican experiment is over". He said it has been shown to be powerless to cope with the crises over gays and women bishops.

In one of the most significant developments since the Reformation, the Pope last week announced that a new structure would be set up to allow disaffected Anglicans to enter full communion with Rome, while maintaining parts of their Protestant heritage.

The move comes after secret talks between the Vatican and a group of senior Anglican bishops. Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, was not informed of the meetings and his advisers even denied that they had taken place when the Sunday Telegraph broke the story last year.

Now Bishop Hind, the most senior traditionalist in the Church of England, has confirmed that he is willing to sacrifice his salary and palace residence to defect to the Catholic Church.

"This is a remarkable new step from the Vatican," he said. "At long last there are some choices for Catholics in the Church of England. I'd be happy to be reordained into the Catholic Church."
While the bishop stressed that this would depend on his previous ministry being recognised, he said that the divisions in the Anglican Communion could make it impossible to stay.

"How can the Church exist if bishops are not in full communion with each other," he said.

Conservative archbishops and bishops have broken ties with their liberal counterparts following the US Episcopal Church's consecration of Gene Robinson, the first openly gay bishop.

Bishop Broadhurst said that the Pope has made his offer in response to the pleas of Anglicans who despair at the disintegration of their Church.

"Anglicanism has become a joke because it has singularly failed to deal with any of its contentious issues," said the bishop, who is chairman of Forward in Faith, the Anglo-Catholic network that represents around 1,000 traditionalist priests.

"There is widespread dissent across the [Anglican] Communion. We are divided in major ways on major issues and the Communion has unravelled.

"I believed in the Church I joined, but it has been revealed to have no doctrine of its own.

"I personally think it has gone past the point of no return. The Anglican experiment is over."

The Rt Rev Martyn Jarrett, the Bishop of Beverley, also said there were questions over the church's survival, adding that the Church of England has changed too dramatically for some traditionalists.

"They are beginning to reflect that the theological position of the Church isn't what they believe," he said.

"The offer from the Vatican is momentous and I felt a great sense of gratitude that the Roman Catholic Church is thinking about the position of traditionalist Anglicans."

Clergy at the Forward in Faith conference, which met in Westminster yesterday, expressed relief that the Pope had provided them with an escape route.

Fr Ed Tomlinson, vicar of St Barnabas, Tunbridge Wells, said that he would be following the lead of Bishop Hind.

"The ship of Anglicanism seems to be going down," he said. "We should be grateful that a lifeboat has been sent.

"I shall be seeking to move to Rome. To stay in the Church of England would be suicide."

Hundreds of traditionalist clergy could join the exodus, though most are waiting for the exact details of the new apostolic constitution to be published.

Battles lie ahead over whether priests who leave to join the Catholic Church will be allowed to take their churches with them, but some bishops have already warned against property seizure.
Dr Williams was only informed of the details of the Pope's decree last weekend and is understood to have been "implacably opposed" to the move.

Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, said he was "appalled" that his successor was given such short notice and was excluded from discussions on the issue.

The Rt Rev Gregory Cameron, Bishop of St Asaph and a close colleague of Dr Williams, said that the archbishop was likely to be saddened by the developments.

"Rowan has worked very hard for unity both within the Anglican Communion, and with Rome, and I suspect he may feel that what has happened is little short of a betrayal, not by the Catholic Church, but by some of those in his own ranks."

"He is likely to be saddened that they felt driven to seek such a radical solution and that some of them now feel they have to go."

"Up until now, the Roman Catholic Church has been putting its weight behind Rowan, but now it is appearing to put its weight behind the conservative groups it can most easily win over."
"The danger is that they'll have every disaffected Anglican beating down the pathway to their door and asking for special treatment."

The Sunday Telegraph can disclose that the planning behind last week's announcement began in 2006, when the Pope asked the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to consider how they could invite Anglicans into the Roman Catholic fold.

He had reached out to disillusioned Anglicans three years earlier, when as head of the Congregation, the most powerful of the Vatican's departments and successor to the medieval Inquisition, he wrote a personal letter to Anglicans in America. He reassured them of the Catholic Church's support of their stand against the liberal tide.

Feast of Christ the King

From the Encyclical of Pius XI, Quas Primas:

20. If the kingdom of Christ, then, receives, as it should, all nations under its way, there seems no reason why we should despair of seeing that peace which the King of Peace came to bring on earth -- he who came to reconcile all things, who came not to be ministered unto but to minister, who, though Lord of all, gave himself to us as a model of humility, and with his principal law united the precept of charity; who said also: "My yoke is sweet and my burden light." Oh, what happiness would be Ours if all men, individuals, families, and nations, would but let themselves be governed by Christ! "Then at length," to use the words addressed by our predecessor, Pope Leo XIII, twenty-five years ago to the bishops of the Universal Church, "then at length will many evils be cured; then will the law regain its former authority; peace with all its blessings be restored. Men will sheathe their swords and lay down their arms when all freely acknowledge and obey the authority of Christ, and every tongue confesses that the Lord Jesus Christ is in the glory of God the Father."

21. That these blessings may be abundant and lasting in Christian society, it is necessary that the kingship of our Savior should be as widely as possible recognized and understood, and to the end nothing would serve better than the institution of a special feast in honor of the Kingship of Christ. For people are instructed in the truths of faith, and brought to appreciate the inner joys of religion far more effectually by the annual celebration of our sacred mysteries than by any official pronouncement of the teaching of the Church. Such pronouncements usually reach only a few and the more learned among the faithful; feasts reach them all; the former speak but once, the latter speak every year -- in fact, forever. The church's teaching affects the mind primarily; her feasts affect both mind and heart, and have a salutary effect upon the whole of man's nature. Man is composed of body and soul, and he needs these external festivities so that the sacred rites, in all their beauty and variety, may stimulate him to drink more deeply of the fountain of God's teaching, that he may make it a part of himself, and use it with profit for his spiritual life.

24 October 2009

ICRSP at the Holy Father's General Audience

On the occasion of the first anniversary of its elevation to pontifical right, members of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest attended the Pope's general audience October 7 and had the opportunity to greet the Holy Father. Canon Mora (co-founder of the Institute), and Canons Lenhardt, Lebocq and Lefevre were among them. Unfortunately, Monsignor Wach was not able to be in Rome, but the Holy Father sent his greetings.

Now, I wasn't there personally, but I think I can just make out the gist of the conversation between Canon Lenhardt and His Holiness below:

"Your Holiness, it's called Saint Louis Catholic. It's a blog. I've taken the liberty of printing you a screen shot."

"This audience is over. Guards!"

photos from the Institute's French language site:  http://www.icrsp.org/IMAGES-APOSTOLATS/IMAGES-2009/Gricigliano/Audience/audience.htm

On the Feast of Christ the King

This Sunday, the Feast of Christ the King, is also the day when five more sisters of the Adorers of the Royal Heart of Jesus Christ, Sovereign Priest, will take their final vows in Gricigliano, Italy. 

Soon after that,  some of these sisters will arrive in St. Louis to take up residence at the U.S. house of the Adorers on the campus of St. Francis de Sales Oratory, joining Sister Marie of the Love of God, who has already found a warm welcome here.

God is good; these sisters are a blessing to the Oratory and to the whole Archdiocese.  May He continue to bless this growing community.

Can You Believe This?

Has the term emergency lost its meaning? And I totally believe the statistics coming out of the government.  Not.


Obama declares swine flu a national emergency

The declaration, signed Friday night and announced Saturday, comes with the disease more prevalent than ever in the country and production delays undercutting the government's initial, optimistic estimates that as many as 120 million doses of the vaccine could be available by mid-October.
Health authorities say more than 1,000 people in the United States, including almost 100 children, have died from the flu, known as H1N1, and 46 states have widespread flu activity. So far only 11 million doses have gone out to health departments, doctor's offices and other providers, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials.
Administration officials said the declaration was a pre-emptive move designed to make decisions easier when they need to be made. Officials said the move was not in response to any single development.
Health and Human Services chief Kathleen Sebelius now has authority to bypass federal rules when opening alternative care sites, such as offsite hospital centers at schools or community centers if hospitals seek permission.
Administration officials said those rules might not make sense while fighting the swine flu, especially if the best piece of pavement is in the middle of a parking lot and some medical centers already are putting in place parts of their emergency plans.
The national emergency declaration was the second of two steps needed to give Sebelius extraordinary powers during a crisis.
On April 26, the administration declared swine flu a public health emergency, allowing the shipment of roughly 12 million doses of flu-fighting medications from a federal stockpile to states in case they eventually needed them. At the time, there were 20 confirmed cases in the U.S. of people recovering easily. There was no vaccine against swine flu, but the CDC had taken the initial step necessary for producing one.
"As a nation, we have prepared at all levels of government, and as individuals and communities, taking unprecedented steps to counter the emerging pandemic," Obama wrote in Saturday's declaration...

23 October 2009

In Praise of Hoaxsters on Meatless Friday

I read an insightful column by Butler Shaffer called "In Praise of Hoaxsters".  It begins by referencing two hoaxes that angered the national media lately-- the "Balloon Boy" and the "Fake U.S. Chamber of Commerce" press conference, and then uses them as a launching point for a justified criticism of the national news-gathering and reporting morass.

In Praise of Hoaxsters
by Butler Shaffer
The politically correct, the self-righteously indignant, and other defenders of the established order, have been clucking furiously in the direction of the Colorado family whose six-year old son was reportedly set adrift in a box with a helium-filled balloon. The mainstream media – always on the lookout for stories that deflect popular attention away from events of genuine substance – gobbled it up like kids at an ice-cream party. For hours, thoughtful men and women who had given up worrying over the fate of a teen-aged girl on Aruba, now had an alternative outlet for their ersatz feelings.

Hours later, however, the young lad was found safely hiding away at home. Government officials immediately suspected the entire affair was the product of an elaborate hoax, perpetrated by the parents for the purpose of promoting themselves into the world of so-called "reality-show" fame. The county sheriff began spinning out all kinds of possible charges to file against the parents, as well as bringing the government’s stiff-necked child protective services agency in for further harassment. Because the father had called the Federal Aviation Administration to report the incident, possible "lying to the federal government" charges were also threatened. (On the latter point, I have often wondered why it is considered a felony for individuals to lie to the government, but quite acceptable for government officials to lie to the public! But I am getting ahead of my story.)


In speaking of the possibility that the parents were using the event as a way of self-promotion, the sheriff referred to so-called "reality-show" television as something that blurs "the line between entertainment and news." As newspapers, news magazines, and broadcasters, wring their collective hands over the continuing decline of subscribers and viewers, they might consider the role they have long played in this line-blurring.

I am amused at the reaction of government officials who feign indignation – and threaten criminal prosecution – over individuals or groups who engage in harmless hoaxes to promote their interests, but who pip not a squeak when the state – with the support of its paid propagandists (AKA as the mainstream media) – actively fosters hoaxes that serve its ends. Why does this self-righteousness not rise to the level of demands for the criminal prosecution of those who fabricated – and continue to operate – that deadliest of recent hoaxes, the so-called "war on terror?" How many people died – or were even injured – in the helium-balloon affair? How many more innocent souls – including children who have not been brought under the alleged "protection" of "child protective services" – have died in the course of conducting this murderous campaign grounded in lies, forgeries, and the shrill shrieking of vice-presidents and cabinet heads?

...I am reminded of the role played by the "joker" in medieval society. He was a bright person, whose general irreverence for established interests allowed others to observe and to laugh at the absurdities present in the society in which they lived. Such influences fostered the kind of questioning perspective that helps to define a mature civilization.

...those who imagine themselves to be the purveyors of "the good, the true, and the beautiful," often speak from hidden agendas, including their ambitions for power over others. Just as an occasional germ or virus is useful to give our immune systems a health-generating workout, the exposure of hoaxes can serve to keep our minds in a skeptical, life-defending state of awareness.

One of the more powerful literary images relating to this inquiry is to be found at the conclusion of George Orwell’s Animal Farm, when the ruling class of pigs are meeting in the farm house with the local businessmen to discuss such matters as the selling of the older horses to the glue factory (a wonderful metaphor for modern corporate-statism). The other animals watch through the window and, as the story ends, a heightened sense of awareness is seen in their eyes. The Internet and other innovations in technology are providing windows through which members of a long-gulled public are beginning to have the scales fall from their eyes. Hoaxes have a way of mirroring – and making more evident – the contradictions and falsities of what the established order requires us to believe to be true. This is why the factual reporting of events (see, e.g., Jon Stewart) takes the place of satire in an increasingly absurd world. Or, as G.K. Chesterton expressed it: "We have had no good comic operas of late, because the real world has been more comic than any possible opera."

This is why I literally broke out in laughter when, following the revelation of the environmentalists’ hoax at the National Press Club, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer reminded viewers – along with, perhaps, the alleged news reporter at his channel? – of the importance of "checking and double-checking" the facts upon which a story is based. I wonder if that sense of skepticism will accompany future reports, by CNN, of such matters as the unprovoked wars against the Iraqi and Afghan people; wars that CNN joined with other mainstream media outlets to promote despite all the official state-serving lies that underlay both. I wonder, as well, whether the reporting of future hoaxes – disguised as "press conferences" – will contain the caveat of doubt aroused by the Yes Men, as well as Al Gore’s global-warming film that earned him an Oscar from an industry that specializes in fiction and fantasy.

I have my doubts as to whether Wolf’s future reports on the alleged threats posed by climate change will be prefaced by any reminders of the hoax perpetrated at the National Press Club. Nor do I expect to hear Wolf tell us how his "checking and double-checking" of facts led him to discover the words of, perhaps, the leading guru of the "climate change" lobby, Stephen Schneider. After his 1980 conversion from the "coming ice age" denomination to that of "global warming," Schneider told the faithful that "we have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements, and make little mention of any doubts we might have."

The political establishment does not like having its deceptions and contrived "threats" revealed to the rest of us animals, and will do what it can to close the blinds on its windows, lest we peer in on the rackets being played at our expense. When such exposures do occur, political and media voices will be quick to shift to damage control in order to minimize any broad awareness of the nature of the state. "Victims" will become "wrongdoers"; "Cassandras" will be transformed into "co-conspirators." Through it all, our would-be rulers will continue to insist upon the inviolability of their monopoly on the definitions of "truth" and will go after those who – like the parents of the six-year-old boy in Colorado as well as other uncertified hoaxsters – bring discredit upon the efforts of the state to keep us in that state of what Goethe called "active ignorance."

As long as their efforts impose no injury upon others, I regard hoaxsters as essential to efforts to help restore sanity to an insane world.


Thanks to the reader who sent this item.  Book burnings in the modern era are usually staged-publicity events, but this one is sublime.  Apparently, only the King James Version of the Bible is any good, and all the others are "satanic".  So says Pastor Gizzard, sponsor of this Bible-burning Bar-b-que.  He better hope he's right, I guess.

From the UK Telegraph:

North Carolina church plans Halloween Bible burning

Marc Grizzard, of Amazing Grace Baptist Church in Canton, North Carolina, says that the first King James translation of the Bible is the only true declaration of God’s word, and that all others are “satanic”.

Pastor Grizzard and 14 other members of the church plan to burn copies of the other “perversions” of Scripture on Halloween, 31 October.

The New Revised Version Bible, the American Standard Version Bible, and even the New King James Version are all pronounced to be works of the Devil by Pastor Grizzard and his followers.

Pastor Grizzard said: “I believe the King James version is God’s preserved, inspired, inerrant, infallible word of God… for English-speaking people.

“We are burning books that we believe to be Satanic.”

As well as inappropriate translations from the original Hebrew and Aramaic, the pastor and his associates will be burning books by various Christian authors, as well as music of every genre.

“[We will be burning] books by a lot of different authors who we consider heretics, such as Billy Graham, Rick Warren… the list goes on and on,” Pastor Grizzard told reporters.

Mother Teresa is also on the list of Satanic authors. The full list is available at the Amazing Grace Baptist Church's website (SLC note:  um, website down). 

Not all Canton residents are thrilled with the bonfire of the profanities. Judy Kirby, a local, said: “I think some of the newer versions make it easier for people to understand.”

The book-burning is hoped to be a social event, with a barbecue laid on for attendees. It is not clear whether the meat will be grilled over the heat of burning Gospels.

22 October 2009

St. Thomas More Might Agree

I just finished watching Breaker Morant.  It made me reflect that of all the books, TV shows, plays and movies I've ever seen, few paint a favorable view of the impartiality or justice of the British legal system.

Breaker Morant's chosen epitaph: 

And as a man's enemies they shall be of his own household.

Matthew 10:36