27 October 2009

The Death of Outrage is the Hope of the Tyrant

Of course, few are outraged over this news item, due to the subject matter of the prohibited speech. But somebody please tell me why it is OK to fine someone $19,000 for having an opinion about an historical event, however erroneous that opinion may be.

So, a German Court fines a British subject $19,000 for questioning the number of those killed in the holocaust. What's next? A British Court fining the President of the Czech Republic for denying the global warming hoax? A Spanish Court fining a Canadian Bishop for pointing out the truth about the grave moral evil of sodomy? An American Court fining an Italian citizen for believing the Earth is the center of the solar system?

The answer is yes, all these will come. Why? Because no one will stand up for the universal right to express one's own opinion.

When will people care to do something about the encircling net of totalitarianism?

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Alison said...

This issue really came home to me when about five years ago, a Canadian man's newspaper ads stating what the Bible had to say about homosexuality brought such hostility from the government.

The Bishop Williamson case actually puzzles me more. I agree that he has a right to free speech. I understand the jurisdictional issues. Still, this is not just a disagreement on historical fact. This denial is about an entire agenda of Bishop Williamson's. This agenda is shown clearly through his writings. It extends to Jews, other races and women. Personally, I think that it is dangerous and have wondered why it has been tolerated for decades in Traditional circles?