30 October 2009

In My Other Life

I have recently hired a new accountant, moonlighting from the administration. And I thought readers would want to know that I have earned, or failed to squander, a million billion dollars today.


Anonymous said...

While unemployment has surely risen, there is blame to go all the way around.

In 207, the figures starting to rise and started their dramatic increase during the last year of Bush's presidency. The stock market hit it's modern day lowest level, losing almost half it's value, in November 08 during Bush's Administration.

And the original TARP funds to get the economy back on track began during the Bush administration, with Obama crossing party lines to sign onto this bi-partisan plan. (Note: there actually was a time when both parties worked together to try and solve our nation's woes.)

It is tragic that the stimulus plan was not able to stop the rising unemployment rate. There are no statistics, though, to show how much worse that rate would be had the stimulus plan not been put in motion, but some had estimated that without it, unemployment could have hit over 20%.

Sharon said...

But how much did you spend on lunch?


thetimman said...

No more than necessary, my dear.

athanasius_magnus said...

Is that 207 B.C. or A.D.? I'm just wondering.

just wondering said...

do you mean to say that bush is responsible for our economic woes as well as 9-11, katrina, global warming? gee, i hope king,saint obama can save us. i dare say global child killing is what ails us.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering,

There are some facts - the recession officially began in the fall of 2007. Like I said, there is enough blame to go around for this, but to say all of our economic woes simply began when Obama took presidency is totally wrong. (BTW, the stock market is up 10.1% since he took over as president ... but I think that is a totally idiotic indicator, as the unemployment number shows the recession that he inherited continues to rise.)

While you're at it, 9/11 did take place under Bush's watch. And maybe just like Obama inherited Bush's economic woes, maybe Bush inherited Clinton's woes on this one. I just ask that you're consistent here - they both either created their problems, or they both inherited it.

Obviously Katrina was what insurance companies call "An Act of God." The response to it, however, exposed a lot of hidden poverty in America, and Bush will be remembered for his missteps, which you really don't want to be reminded of.

Let's not forget too that we have come an incredibly long way so far in terms of cleaning up our air. Adding catalytic convertors to our cars didn't kill the auto industry. Having energy companies switch to non-sulfur coal cleaned up our cities, and having people not burn leaves in our cities has helped reduce not on the number of homes burnt down this time of year, but has greatly reduced the amount of sulfur dioxide we were forced to breath. We really should celebrate how far we've come, shouldn't we?