19 November 2009

The Enormous Body of Lies from Our Communist Leaders to Pay Off Soon

The health care plan that won't cover abortion, won't cause the government to takeover one-seventh of the economy, that won't have death panels, that won't ration care, that won't force doctors to perform abortions, that won't cover non-citizens, that won't come up for a vote until after the new year, that won't raise taxes, that won't increase the deficit, that won't bankrupt the country, and that won't destroy private ownership of businesses, and that won't cause massive unemployment...

...will be voted on in the Senate on Saturday night, copying the House's cowardly ramrod weekend job.

This is communism, plain and simple, forced on you by a totalitarian state, controlled by the communist party of political sheep, ruled over by an illegitimate thug.


athanasius_magnus said...

Nicely put.

Anonymous said...

You are mistaken about it being communism. Rather the idea of a public health system is very Christian.(charity)
The problem is not public health but rather the separate issues of abortion (murder), care for the aged (compassion) and coverage of foreigners.(charity)
The US is not the centre of the Catholic world and I would suggest you think outside the silly categories and political ideas your system has given you.
Socialism does not equal evil. Have you ever heard of Christian Socialism = the gospel.
Communism is evil.

just wondering said...

anon 19:11, can we agree that child killing is wrong? if child killing is done under the guise of "healthcare services" is it not still wrong? is euthanasia not wrong? if it is done under the guise of "compassionate care" is it not still wrong? what is the "system" that you are referring to? there is nothing Christian about child killing and the murder of the elderly. if you for just an instant think that there is, you have ceased to be Christian if you ever were, and will not be until you repent of the philosophy that you have adopted. the Gospel of Jesus Christ would never embrace killing of any kind.

Anonymous said...

Anon 19:11 - interesting view, but I like this one better:

"But what if Socialism has really been so tempered and modified as to the class struggle and private ownership that there is in it no longer anything to be censured on these points? Has it thereby renounced its contradictory nature to the Christian religion? This is the question that holds many minds in suspense. And numerous are the Catholics who, although they clearly understand that Christian principles can never be abandoned or diminished seem to turn their eyes to the Holy See and earnestly beseech Us to decide whether this form of Socialism has so far recovered from false doctrines that it can be accepted without the sacrifice of any Christian principle and in a certain sense be baptized. That We, in keeping with Our fatherly solicitude, may answer their petitions, We make this pronouncement: Whether considered as a doctrine, or an historical fact, or a movement, Socialism, if it remains truly Socialism, even after it has yielded to truth and justice on the points which we have mentioned, cannot be reconciled with the teachings of the Catholic Church because its concept of society itself is utterly foreign to Christian truth."


Anonymous said...

Okay, we all agree that abortion is bad. Done.

But to call the health care plan "Communism" is hardly worth an argument. It isn't.

Unless, of course, you think that these countries are bastions of communism for their health care plans: Canada, Switzerland, England, the Netherlands, Holland, Ireland ... you get the point.

Also, I presume that our military is based on communism as well - America blesses those who defend our country with a socialized health care plan called the Veterans Administration.

All those over 65 must be communists too, as they enjoy the fruits of Medicare.

Please, Timman, tossing the word "communism" around like you do really belittles your intelligence.

thetimman said...

I'll take the risk.

just wondering said...

com-mu-nism, a hypothetical stage of socialism, as formulated by marx, engals, lenin, and others, to be characterized by a classless and stateless society and the equal distribution of economic goods to be acheived by revolutionary and dictatorial, rather than gradualistic means. a form of government professing to be working toward this stage by means of state planning and control of the economy with an emphasis on the state rather than on individual liberties.(webster's new world dictionary)
timman, i'd say not much risk involved here, it's pretty much a sure thing.

Anonymous said...

IF actually caring for the poor, and if actually wanting to help bring health care to babies once their born makes me a "communist," feel free to call me that.

I'll let Jesus judge me on the final day for having compassion for ALL of his children, born or unborn. You'll have the rest of eternity to try and explain why your compassion for other humans and children ceases once they're born.

Anonymous said...

The other bastion of communism must be the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, who, in principal, called FOR health care coverage of all Americans AND aliens, legal or non.

Those commies include the likes of Archbishops Finn, Naumann, Vann, Martino, D'Arcy, Wuerl, Cronin, Tobin, Chaput, Burke, along with Cardinals George, Rigali, and all the rest of this elite, liberal bastion of communists.

The fact is - they take the stand on their website FOR the broad, generous health care reform which church social policy implies. Make no mistake - they simultaneously are against abortion.

Of course, to simplify things ala Timman, lets just call them all communists.

thetimman said...

Wow, you communists have a great point! Those Bishops are all communists. Oh, why couldn't I see? An Order of Lenin for you all!

On the other hand, most recent communist anonymous, you say you're comfortable having Jesus judge you on the last day for having compassion on all children, born and unborn. Yet, you support the healthcare bill of your fellow communists that funds the killing of the unborn, not to mention rations care away from the elderly, disabled and other "useless eaters."

Still comfortable?

Anonymous said...

Forced charity, such as what the government is attempting to do, is hardly Christian charity.

I think you are right on, thetimman.

Anonymous said...

Well it must have been the communists on the Supreme Court who allowed abortion. Or maybe the communists who wrote that rag Declaration of Independence and went into rebellion against lawful government so they could pay less tax, keep slaves and own more!
Face it you Americans are lost in a world of your own making.

just wondering said...

well anon 18:15, at least we now know that YOU are not American. that makes the pill a little easier to swallow, or a little harder to swallow.

Anonymous said...

So if I understand you correctly thetimman you are saying you do not want public healthcare because it is "communist" and the other issues public funding for abortion etc are not really things you want to get rid of..but simply things that confirm to you public health care is "communist" ? So those who support pulic health are "communists" even when they like you, think these evils (they are sneaking in with public health legislation) are unacceptable ? Could you not ask yourself whether the problem might be the political system. Can a democrarcy where voting is voluntary really be called demmocratic and where state rights to oppose federal legislation is non existent? The problem is not public health care but the way the US is governed. A system you think is democratic but really is a pawn of evil just as communism is.

Anonymous said...


Humor us a little bit, and just pretend for a second that you agree with the USCCB, the Vatican, and the majority of Americans that having 35-49 millions living (sometimes barely) without health care is a problem. Pretend for a second that you care for children once they are born. Give a nod to the Christian value that ALL humans and ALL American citizens have the right to some sort of health care.

Your apparent love affair with the obscene profits private insurance companies make by kicking sick people off their coverage, and not allowing children born with any sort of disability onto their system of care, is what I would call deeply unChristian. How can you, as a Christian, as a father, as a human and as an American think that the ruthless practices of private insurance companies, whose bottom line is pure greed, should be granted permission to be in charge of health care for babies and the rest of America? Greedy companies whose only way to continue their obscene profits is to make sure that 35-49 million Americans DON'T get health care coverage.

At least the USCCB sees the ambivalence here, i.e. that under no circumstance should abortion be in this bill, AND, there absotluely IS a need for universal health care coverage.

just wondering said...

anons: not speaking for the timman, but i would just like to ask you why you think that the government and thinkers such as yourselves deserve to take the profits anyone has made and use as you see fit? greed is wrong. the love of money is the root of all evil says the Good Book, but you have no right to tell the insurance companies what to do with their profits any more than you have the right to tell hospitals, restaurants, hardware stores etc. what to do with their profits. they are private entities. it is none of your business. if you want to run an insurance company that only pays for the health care of the indigent, why don't you start one? and use your own money to pay for it? all people deserve healthcare, because all people are equal in the eyes of God, but i bet you don't believe that one do you? profits are only obscene when they are used to foster more greed. you can't stop the sinner from sinning. God doesn't even do that, we are free to choose. to look at the situation the way you do, makes you God, and God you are not.

Anonymous said...

To say "all people are equal in the eyes of God" is a very strange way of viewing God and humanity. God does not love everyone equaly. He loves humanity and he loves individuals. However everyone is loved an individual way that takes into account an individual capacities. God loves holiness and therefore he loves the soul that is filled with Grace. Each perosn has a different capacity.

just wondering said...

the capacity for loving God has nothing to do with God's capacity for loving man. "while we were still God's enemy, Christ died for us on the cross."
we are all made in the image and likeness of God even though all are different with different abilities. God loves each man equally, to say that He loves any other way would represent a fault, and God has no faults, if He did He could not be God.

Anonymous said...

This whole God loving everyone equally is a good example of the sort of influence the sort of thinking has that produced the famous cry of the French Revolution "liberty equality fraternity" ideas that so permeates American society we think God loves everyone in the same way. God's love is not about equality. It is a free act that is tailored to each individual and in an individual way. It is particular and personal. God loves humanity which is general. BUT GOD DOES NOT LOVE EACH EQUALLY. Why because human being are not equal. Neither in virtue of attributes, physical, spiritual and intellectual. That is called God's justice. We do not compare the love God has for us with others. It is not like that.