24 November 2009

Vespers Protest in the Rain, but without the Rain?

Just as a quick follow-up to the last post, concerning an item in this week's St. Cronan bulletin:

Advent Vespers: We will be having two Advent Vespers celebrations. ...The second will be held at 7:00 Dec. 16th at Central Reform Congregation, 5020 Waterman Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63108. Rabbi Susan Talve will be the homilist.

You will recall that the Central Reform Congregation is led by Rabbi Susan Talve, who decided to host the pretend ordinations of Elsie McGrath and Rose Hudson in 2007, despite the request from Archbishop Burke to refrain from doing so.

Then Rabbi Talve was also invited by St. Cronan to lead an Advent vespers service that same year. This event was held outside the Church building after Archbishop Burke had asked the parish leadership to disinvite her, and further after Archbishop Burke had announced that the Church would no longer cooperate in joint events with Rabbi Talve due to her failure to respect the his request that she not undermine His Grace's efforts to shepherd the flock entrusted to him.

Sr. Louise Lears (subsequently placed under interdict and denied mission in the Archdiocese) participated in this service, which was covered on local television, and which was widely seen as a protest against the Archbishop. The event was also attended by pretend priests Hudson and McGrath.

In short, everything was done that could have been done--short of having the service on parish grounds--to show disrespect to the Ordinary.

Nothing really has changed in 2009, except that the participants have decided not to risk the rain.


pfinley said...

Something always strikes me as Odd with this Reformed Congregation. They are STILL Jewish.... why would they host a Chistian ceremony?

My only guess is this "Rabbi" has an agenda of her own, and I personally see St Cronin's , Mr. Bozek, and the Womynpriests as pawns. Maybe I am too cynical

Anonymous said...

What has the Cronan's bunch learned from their antler tangle with Archbishop Burke? The last time they defied their Archbishop they got one of their parish leaders bounced out of St. Louis.

Can this end any other way?

Fenian said...

Susan Talve has little in common with the Jewish faith other than the cultural aspects. What she preaches and advocates is mostly rejected by Conservative Jews and almost entirely rejected by Orthodox Jews. Both the Jewish Community Relations Council and the St. Louis Rabbinical Association disapproved of her actions in the "ordinations".

Her brand of Judaism is the United Church of Christ of the Jewish religion.

Anonymous said...

I have asked this before and I ask it again. Is there not a Catholic priest in place as pastor at St. Cronan's? (Of course I know that there is.) It's his job to teach his people correctly. Since this sort of thing continues there, it is unavoidable to conclude that either he is sleeping on the job, stuppd, or in direct support of what they are doing. Why doesn't he ever get dismissed?

thetimman said...

At the moment, the pastor is not well, and is fighting cancer.

Anonymous said...

"Nothing really has changed in 2009..." - Timman

So then, why comment on old news? Stirring the pot to keep your faithful regulars riled, aye Timmy?

"... it is unavoidable to conclude that either he is sleeping on the job, stuppd (sic), or in direct support of what they are doing." - Anon 11/25/09 5:25

Just the "Christian" sentiment I expect from this blog bunch.


Anonymous said...

CRC is a REFORM Jewish Congregation, not Conservative and not Orthodox. CRC is committed to "tikkun olam" aka "repair of the world." The Womenpriests approached CRC and CRC, with it's commitment to hospitality, agreed to share their holy space, not the other way.

Jay said...

Rabbi Talve has everything to do with the Jewish faith. She leads her congregation to both deep faith and committed responsibilty. She is an inspiration to not only her congregation, but also to those many that join her in the various inter-faith programs she works on. In my personal experience I feel that if angels truly walked this earth..Rabbi Susan Talve walks among them.

Jane Chantal said...

Susan Talve's hosting of the "Catholic" "ordination" ceremony had nothing whatsoever to do with a commitment to hospitality. She is personally contemptuous of the Catholic view of authentic ordained priesthood, and chose to abuse her authority and insult both the Jewish and Catholic communities in order to make a public show of that contempt -- hiding behind the word "hospitality" as she did so.

Talve's commitment to hospitality is as fake as her commitment to honesty.

just wondering said...

makes me wwant to join the "he-man woman haters club" with spanky and alfalfa.

Anonymous said...

There is a priest in Rome named Fr. Philip Powell who has a very good blog called "Domine, da mihi hanc acquam", and right now it features the best piece I've seen about the dissident modern American nuns. For an example, here is what one reader posted: This article is the best analysis I've seen of the sad situation of the religiously-bankrupt American Sisters. They can't understand that no one approves of their secularized, post-Catholic status and no one wants them around as nuns any more. I am sure that a few disaffected Catholics want them, like the priest who still insists on being "relevant" with guitar music at Mass while wearing sandals, speaking casually at Mass and wearing jeans in public, and a few women of the ilk that are inclined to joint the Associates programs of some of these modern convents, as well as whoever else subscribes to the NCR, but that's it. They are not wanted any more. No one wants to control them in any way. Do whatever you wish ladies, subvert anyone you want, desecrate whatever is sacred to Catholics that you wish, usher people into abortion clinics at your heart's content, just don't do it as Catholics or by all means, as Catholic Sisters!

To this, I add "an no wants their money, either." Check it out.