29 December 2009

Merry Christmas Again

Your blogger here, back in full bloom after a wonderful Christmas mini-break. The Midnight Mass at de Sales was absolutely magnificent. The Director of Sacred Music, Nick Botkins, ought to get a Papal honor for the incredible job he does with the schola and multiple choirs. The orchestra was amazing, too. There is nothing better than Mozart, of course, but all of the music in the Christmas program was exceptional.

No matter what the music, however, the highlight is always the Mass itself. I haven't been to any church where it is celebrated in such glory as at an Institute apostolate. And that isn't a knock on anyone else, just my observation and opinion.

My family and I had a nice series of get-togethers with family and good friends to mark the occasion, too.

Christ is born in Bethlehem of Juda! He Who sits enthroned upon the cherubim became a little Child. Destined to suffer, die and rise to save us from sin, He comes to us in His mercy. Let us not reject this coming, so that His final coming may be a source of vindication, and not condemnation.

Christmas Octave continues. Christmas season goes on until the Feast of the Purification of Mary on February 2. Let us keep the celebration of the season during this time, and not follow secular society that has already put it in the dumpster, along with the tree.

Merry Christmas, everybody!


pfinley said...

I have sat in with the First Friday schola on a couple of occasions, and also attended his Class on Chant. Nick is definately a musical treasure in St. Louis. I have quite a background in music, and he made me realize how much I dont know :)

Since I cant always make it to the oratory, our midnight mass at St. martin was OK. We didnt hear the Christmas Proclamation, BUT we actually processed the infant Jesus in, something I havent seen in a great many years.

Thankful said...

Here, here on the Papal honors for Nick Botkins!!! Only, if the Holy Father were to recognize him in such a way, we might regret it - someone in higher places would be bound to get a hold on our musical treasure.

Nick Botkins is the best gift St. Cecilia could give us here in St. Louis.

Hope he stays here for 50 years+

pfinley said...

60 :) He is a young man. dont age him like that haha

Thankful said...

Then make it 70! (I did put a + on there you know) :)

We need to give him some time for retirement too...