28 December 2009

You Know Who You Are

Geddy Lee seems to have hit a chord with my readers-- if you'll pardon the pun. Here is some good winter safety advice from the same. Enjoy.


Fr. Andrew said...

Made. My. Day.

The on pitch scream as he flew down the hill was awesome. I love 2112 in the background...maybe the Mayans are wrong and its really 2112 that we need to be worried about. Is that what you're suggesting Timman?...er...Geddy Leeman?

Peggy said...

Okay, do I have to say it?

"Take off...to the Great White North."

Also, I'll add that I was a late-comer to KSHE & RUSH, etc., in '79-80, when I entered high school. As a Catholic school girl in the 70s, I thought my older sisters were listening to satanic, cult music when they listened to RUSH 2112--you know, priests, temple, syrinx.

X said...

I guess there's just so many wedgies a man can take in highschool before he cracks. That certainly was a manly roar he let out as he thundered down that bunny hill.